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  1. Yachting World has a new video up about the Revolution 24, and it's kind of weird, but in charming ways, I think. Who doesn't want a big aluminum bathtub to cruise around in? And I think the price is right, for this sort of market.
  2. Maybe it'd be a good idea to hoist a radar reflector?
  3. I've been watching this guy for a while. He was more fun before his wife left him, oh, two or three months ago now. He talks about it during his most recent passage from SF to Hilo; I'll try to find a link...
  4. According to this high-quality Angelfire website last updated in 1998 -- https://www.angelfire.com/mi/loosecruise/S2/13pageletter.html -- "All S2 cruising sailboats featured a solid fiberglass hull, and a balsa cored deck, except for the 35C that had a balsa cored hull and deck."
  5. I'll go out on a limb and assume the post was made in good faith. I might suggest Moody -- they've got deck-saloons from 41 to 54, and belong to those fine Germanic folk over at HanseYachts AG, in Greifswald.
  6. Much longer clip, drone footage, with much dumber music:
  7. For those that would prefer a (loud) Youtube link instead:
  8. Yeah, this is a freshwater-lake-only boat. She was shipping water quite briskly. Thought a bit about cutting out the transom, and it is sort of tempting, but it's a whole cascading thing -- if I do that, I should probably put in a real traveller back there instead of the Crosby-rigged mainsheet, and either put in a split backstay or at least center it up, and the outboard motor mount would probably need to move, and that's starting to sound like a bigger project than I feel like tackling. But just cutting in something like a big rectangular vent (or two) and glassing it in -- tem
  9. Thanks for the good advice, everyone! I may be over-reacting a bit, but y'all know how it is. As for the plywood backing plates, overall they seem to be in good shape everywhere. I suspect this particular trailer-sailer may have spent a lot more time on the trailer than in the water -- but I'll give them all a good poke and tap and see if they are actually sound. That big poly tank forward of the cockpit drain is a some-previous-owner--added freshwater tank that looks kinda sketchy and I think will just be additional floatation. It feels pretty well stuck in there.
  10. New-to-me 1978 MacGregor Venture of Newport 23 experienced unplanned ingress of water immediately upon launch. Recovered vessel to trailer. Investigation was a bit awkward because there's a number of big foam blocks shoved behind a plywood 'bulkhead' in the aft end of each lazerette. But once I got back there, I found this: $2 hose clamp failed to keep the top of the cockpit drain hose attached to the cockpit drain. Was I tempted to just put it back on and tighten it up? Yes. Then I came to my senses. Not sure if I'll replace the
  11. Empty in as many bags of salt as is required.
  12. This Hallman Horizon 27 is up around North Bay: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-boat-watercraft/north-bay/sailboat-for-sale/1569455506 Looks approximately correct from here.
  13. To throw another one on the list: pilothouse version of the Cabo Rico 38. Might be hard to find; might be hard to afford.
  14. It does look a bit more sane when implemented as yet another pole. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  15. Y'all are pretty smart, so tell me if I'm the one taking crazy pills here: That's a brand-new Island Packet 439. That focsle-sweeping boom of doom is a "Hoyt Boom® equipped self-vanging jib or staysail for ease of handling, improved performance and superb adaptability" That... c'mon, that can't possibly be a good idea, right? How could that possibly be a good idea??
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