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  1. To throw another one on the list: pilothouse version of the Cabo Rico 38. Might be hard to find; might be hard to afford.
  2. It does look a bit more sane when implemented as yet another pole. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  3. Y'all are pretty smart, so tell me if I'm the one taking crazy pills here: That's a brand-new Island Packet 439. That focsle-sweeping boom of doom is a "Hoyt Boom® equipped self-vanging jib or staysail for ease of handling, improved performance and superb adaptability" That... c'mon, that can't possibly be a good idea, right? How could that possibly be a good idea??
  4. Guys, I'm as sad as anyone that cancer took your dad, but that still doesn't make his 1974 Westerly Centaur worth thirty-five thousand Canadian pesos. Although I am impressed it made it all the way from the UK to the well- and truly-landlocked city of Calgary, Alberta.
  5. I would guess the wooden object is a dipstick for checking the liquid level in some tank. I would furthermore guess that the PVC pipe is a handle / handle-extension for a manual head pump.
  6. I suddenly feel kinda bad for not knowing this: is roller-furling a non-starter for trailer-sailers that are going to have mast raising/lowerings on a weekly basis, or is it really not that big of a deal? My hunch is that the foil is probably not going to like that.
  7. The entire sailboat market in two listings:
  8. There are worse idiosyncrasies to have. But if it bothers you that much, turn off the sound and turn on the Closed Captioning.
  9. I like sailboats but I often wish there was a telephone booth stuck in the middle of the cockpit SAY NO MORE
  10. For BC cruising and misadventures, you might find this youtube channel of interest: https://www.youtube.com/c/BreakingWavesSailing
  11. Fair point about the pivot bolt. I'll investigate "soon". Just to clarify a couple points for everyone in the thread so far: * The vessel is currently dry on a trailer, so nothing can really be inferred about where the waterline would be. * It's spent a lot more time on that trailer than in the water, and it's always been freshwater at that, so despite coming up on 43 years, it hasn't really experienced the same sorts of corrosion that one might expect at that age. Thanks everyone, Roger
  12. With most people, systematic desensitization will work, eventually. Turns out people cannot panic while being very bored. Just how long it might take, and whether either of you want to wait that long, I cannot say.
  13. I cannot, because there's a plywood bulkhead under each cockpit seat, about aft of the aft end of the lazarette hatch. For some goddamn reason. It's hull #1172 if that helps, previously of Kelowna.
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