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  1. Yes, they certainly do - no disrespect meant to IRC4 sailors!
  2. I genuinely can’t believe they got that wrong. Would be an embarrassing fuckup for a tailender in IRC4, but for an outfit like Rambler… wow.
  3. I dunno about that, before HB had the damage Alex was solidly in the top 3 sailing at comparable pace to Apivia & LinkedOut. And if the boat performed as it was meant to in the southern ocean, he could well have taken a lead - but of course that’s total speculation Anyway getting a bit off topic for the Fastnet thread - I see Gitana will finish in the next few minutes!! Damn that thing is quick.
  4. There was a lot of talk in the most recent Vendee thread about how the latest HB was a pretty extreme design optimised for southern ocean reaching and downwind conditions. I don’t think any amount of shed time would turn the boat into a strong upwind performer… That said, HB’s performance is being made to look very ordinary by Apivia in particular but also the whole IMOCA fleet tbh. I’d also expected them to be doing a bit better than they are, even if the conditions aren’t ideal for the boat.
  5. *tap* *tap* Is this thread still on? In any case, nice little video from Pip saying goodbye to her boat. Wonder when we’ll hear about her next ride, hoping it comes together for her... https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMu8u80ntuW/?igshid=1jj1xjcnjhz9r
  6. Much as I'd love to see AC75s racing in the Solent, I wouldn't want it to happen like that. Even as a Team UK fan, that would be a really shitty move - let's hope it's just a rumour. Now, an ACWS event next year would be fantastic! Then of course we can look forward to Team UK defending on the Solent in 2029 (Living in hope...)
  7. Sounds like a miserable time for Alexia with a nasty back injury. Sailing an IMOCA while having to crawl around on all fours can’t be a pleasant experience... https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/22309/sore-but-determined-alexia-barrier-struggling-with-back-injury
  8. Front page of The Times for Pip! Lovely. Link (£): https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ray-of-sunshine-pip-hare-is-first-british-vendee-globe-finisher-ph5nj9lvl
  9. Apparently not! I thought so too... now very curious what it will be.
  10. I really hope you’re right, I would love to see it... But not sure there’s quite enough race left for Pip to make up 40nm. If she hadn’t lost the C0 then I reckon she’d have sneaked in front of both of them. So gutting for her.
  11. Hopefully not the Hermanos Busto out to bag another IMOCA...
  12. Might just be waiting for daylight to maximise sponsor value He’s got enough buffer to Kojiro to be safe.
  13. Latest update from Alex - nearly back to Gosport. Will be interesting to see what he does next; I can’t imagine he’s spent an 8,000nm delivery trip collecting data without some ambitions for the future...
  14. Congrats to Clarisse on finishing & setting a new women’s monohull record! Very impressive race for her. Meanwhile Pip is getting a bit of A-list celebrity support: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-55916630
  15. Hah hah that did make me laugh Not entirely sure I agree though. Sure, Alex’s bat cave updates could have been filmed in a studio anywhere on earth, but the outside cameras provided some amazing footage. And the way he told the story of his bow repairs was pretty compelling, I thought? Reckon if he’d been able to continue and produce another ~ 2 months worth of videos it would have come across just as powerfully as the other skippers. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be...
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