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  1. I think many were won by the US because the challengers had to sail across the Atlantic to challenge.
  2. So only 50 out of the 170 years. I get your point though and yes it does not happen now.
  3. It is also great sailing there. I spent a year in my boat doing the top of the south Island and the North Island. Also had great engineering firms for boat work. if you cant get your boat fixed in the Solent or NZ you cant get it fixed anywhere. In regards to this thread it is really for fan boys. It is of interest to see how much smoke they can blow up their own arses. I might start a thread on why the Brits are so dominant at Olympic Sailing. Is it the culture etc blah blah is in the DNA blah blah......
  4. Cut to the chase......how many sheep are you offering?
  5. I think everyone would want a bit of him. We have sheep in the UK.I think the UK invented sheep. Italy may not have enough sheep to entice him over.
  6. We know he is a good helmsman. BA has been around a bit longer than the other 2. We will have to wait 10 or more years to find out about the Kiwis. It is an age thing. Anyway sail gp coming soon. You going to watch it?
  7. We get our British designer then?
  8. I think the last part holds merit. We can only guess if his other rolls hindered his steering.
  9. I think the communication was excellent on INEOS especially in the round robin. In fact I felt LR lost in the final to ETNZ because of a lack of communication and idea bouncing. When INEOS was up against it in the PRADA final they were on hail Mary solutions so I don't think it is fare to say there was a culture issue because of some audio. It makes for interesting discussion and speculation and that is all. Facts are thin on the ground. Usually a team with these issues blow apart soon after. We will have to wait and see.
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