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  1. dullers

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Lets not forget the modesty.
  2. Darn it. I am still looking for like minded tree fellers. Must have own chain saw.
  3. It does not have the right atmosphere about it. I don't feel your hatred.
  4. No you are right we have to get the boats racing or us anarchists go feral.
  5. You must be anti environment. Glad to meet someone who feels the way i do about it.
  6. Should have done a 1000 km and delayed your whining by another couple of days.
  7. I got a dislike a few minutes ago, it was not a proper one but an ironic one so i am still a bit dismayed and disappointed.
  8. Finally anarchy is working properly again.
  9. dullers

    INEOS Team GB

    It is called a camera Pris. By a very clever arrangement using wires or even wi fi they can connect to the bridge. Any other observations?
  10. dullers

    Mozzy Jumper

    You have been an inspiration. Her indoors now understands me better. I use them to explain the conjugal positions i would like to avoid because of age.
  11. dullers

    Mozzy Jumper

    My contender. It is actually a nice jumper so i wont win much. It is my only jumper now and it comes out at Christmas and is more usually worn with mulled wine down the front of it. Now my lino should be near first place.
  12. dullers

    Mozzy Jumper

    Not sure what is worse..the lino or the jumper...So yes the jumper is a worthwhile contender. I will see what i have in the wardrobe. I also think i have a worse lino pattern in the house.
  13. dullers

    INEOS Team GB

    It was about 50 50 and most Australians are not descended from the convicts. We also had the very ugly go to Australia in large numbers.