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  1. Yes but can you get your feline to do it 3 times in an afternoon say starting at 1400 and then get it to do the same again the following day at least twice? I find cats and pussies fairly unpredictable and whimsical. I can see how you could get your dog in place and on time.
  2. They did not join much of the pre race practice either. Just parked up next to the tender with people on board with tools.
  3. They need to target sailors properly before the rest but sailing is too specialised to get a really big audience. I hope i am wrong. As a sport to watch form the shore it is a dog and Plymouth is one of the best places to watch it as it has a high sea edge and is close to the course. I was there yesterday and most people did not have a clue on what was happening. Its biggest problem is one simple item that is needed in all competition. Who is in the lead? You cant tell from the shore unless you are a bit of a yachty and even then it is not always clear.
  4. I thought i had posted this but anyway we took a 3 hour drive to Plymouth to watch this and worth it all the way. We were to left of Stingrays vlog.
  5. We were just to the left of you on the citadel rampart. (As you look out to sea) Great day
  6. Went down to Plymouth to watch the sail gp today. Weather perfect and even enough wind. We had a high and close vantage point over the finish. Well worth the watch if you are into sailing but if you dont have an idea of how it goes it would be confusing to watch.
  7. I blocked him so I only had 168 pages to read on sail gp instead of 16800 pages mainly filled with page after page of him explaining very ironically that he is not interested in sail gp.
  8. I am sure you are right but New Zealand is a small market? The problem for the Americas cup and its spin off is that even many yachties are not interested in it. I just dont know how they are going to get this to a wider audience. I am pretty sure kms dont help.
  9. I think this has been explained somewhere else. The overlay can be inaccurate at times if not all the time. On another note i am missing BA not being at GP. It has lost some of its spice. I also think it shows that BA despite advancing years is still in the top 3 helmsmen in the world if not number one.
  10. I am presuming the US team hit a dolphin. Is that good or not for their green credentials? Should sail gp think more like the Tuna companies and go dolphin friendly? The fake enviro thing does not wash with anyone....
  11. That might be the case but you cant get round the fact that their carbon footprint is huge. It is the pretence that i hate. I personally don't care that much about the environmentalists. I even pick up rubbish but i sometimes need a car and a fridge just like they do.
  12. Kiwis are not far off in getting it right. My team looks like a 4th or 5th place team all the way(UK). I see no improvement. I would like to be wrong though.
  13. They might even claim night solar panels.
  14. Does that not all come under design?
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