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  1. But apart from that Sail GP is more entertaining.
  2. Tell me how the AC exceeds it in every way? Cost of the boats for sure.....I cannot think how the sailing is as entertaining as the Sail gp. Sail GP is like the Grand national and the AC is more like two beautiful horses show trotting. We also get to watch sailors have to out sail others in equal platforms. Now if all the AC boats had been on the race course at the same time you might have something but you dont. If you liked the win in 2017 on those cats and I am sure you did but now think it is inferior to see the same type of boats racing as a pack you come across as a hypocrite. Both set
  3. I know in Sydney they were talking about Bronze ,Silver and Gold but i did not here what it related to. Is it not meant to be a bit like Formula 1 racing? Slingsby won it overall so an accumulation of something won it for him in 2019?
  4. The final race is winner takes all. Does not matter as long as you get to the final. All I know is Ben is pretty good.
  5. I have said it before and |I will say it again. Well done on winning the Americas cup again. Now be gracious and enjoy the Sail GP which is a different sort of competition.
  6. I agree he is most probably 1 or 2 in the world in either position. I wish we knew more about the change around in SF.
  7. So the last to major races he has been in on equal boats he has lost? Sydney Bermuda??
  8. I am enjoying his posts about the AC when we are on a sail gp thread. I think his life's work ended in Auckland and he cant let go and move on.
  9. When was this. They won the one that mattered? Is this not the sail GP thread or are you really that stupid you cant tell?
  10. They did or are you completely devoid of links to the outside world?
  11. I prefer your short posts like this. Keep it up.
  12. I was only thinking on the boat. I dont really know about the rolls behind the scenes as I have not followed it. We could hear the interactions on the boat. I would like to hear more about the interactions on sail gp but i suppose that will come with better coverage.
  13. I agree. DB was not the weak point on AM. TH was and should not have been on the boat. He was part time everything on the boat. The Brits had the best set up in terms of rolls. The boat was that magical 1% off.
  14. Keep digging....and look at your prior posts or you will accidently troll yourself.
  15. I dont agree with the 100% nationality rule as it will make almost impossible for countries who don't have history in the AC to compete. I can only see the UK (my country)and NZ benefiting from that. I agree the Sail gp is more watchable. I like both.
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