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  1. Time off and ramping up for the 49'ers and Olympics
  2. Awe mate - muscle memory kicks in whenever I get fragged into a meeting that uses powerpoint..... Thou shall not insert sharp end of the Pace stick into any orifice of the Organiser Thou shall not bellow "Grenade" in the room when you are bored shitless as a result of said presentation
  3. The key words.... "Powerpoint Presentation" Haven't seen one yet so your safe..... for the moment.....
  4. The first one of you Mo-Fo's put's this out in a Powerpoint Presentation will be the recipient of some old fashioned, Medieval Pipe hitting........ just thought I'd pass that gem on from a friend......
  5. Awestraya, the best criminal justice system money can by..... You're considered Aussie royalty if you can trace back to the 1st Fleet deportee's I tell ya!....
  6. If it was easy every bastard & their dog would be doing it...... How much do the Aussies want the Cup back? Freo was a bloody magnificent event Christ that placed rocked..... Sydney would have a venue built for stadium racing like course C in AKL....' In short, till the heavies check their ego's at the door and get a grip, it ain't going to happen & Good bloody Luck getting the sort of support on a State or Federal level like ETNZ got / has still got.....
  7. ROTFLMAO.... Oh how I wish mate..... better than trying to herd those ego's on the East Coast - Seems to be the kiss of death these days..... express an interest in doing a Syndicate for the A.C & get a visit from the A.T.O or the bloody Fed's..... let alone getting roasted by the Tall Poppy / N.I.M.B.Y bastards that frequent the "Higher net worth" individuals...... God knows we have the ability.....
  8. In this age of equality and fairness, even the Flat Earther's need some publicity time I guess.... and I thought my ex was a negative $#@
  9. Weta - please pass our very best to Jason.... hopefully he is there for v37......
  10. Thats why it is called Anarchy..... Thanks for coming and your input.......
  11. Re-watching the race with the Stern Cams - telling the onboard comms from ETNZ.....
  12. 6 a.m..... Sailing on the box & loving every frikkin second of it..... should be mullahd by smoko methinks...... What a day - St Patricks day as well..... this is gonna hurt!
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