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  1. Thanks for the confirmation, that lines up with our schedule pretty well. Let's see how the survey falls, and then this will get real, real fast. OK, one last question... I know there are flights going in/out of Canada, are the guest docks in Vic or Sidney open year round? Right now many are reported to be full for monthly/annual, but if we want to get the boat around what the likelihood we will find space for a night or two? Dave
  2. OK, finally got a free moment to look this up, and while it is really tempting... How the hell do I get there from anywhere? I do like a good cinna bun tho...
  3. DDW, thanks for the response. It explains exactly what I was wondering/expecting. While I am not trying to dodge the taxes, I would love to use the $25k for something like new electronics. We did plan on sailing it in the PNW before we sail south, the big question is do we try to move it south next April, or go the full 365 to save the taxes. It is going through Swiftsure, so I will ask for the permit as part of the deal. Thanks again.
  4. All, Thanks for the additional suggestions. Swiftsure has agreed to work with us, but they aren't really set up for us to "visit", but they are the back up. Bellingham has guest availability til Mar 31 for now, which isn't perfect but might work in the short term, then maybe to Astoria. I tried emailing the Foss Marina, as well as Fisherman's Terminal with no response. And Johnny's Dock shows closed permanently on Google, but I will try the CL ad. Steele, if you see anything at Shilshole I would appreciate it. All, I should probably start another thread, but if anyon
  5. OK, I read the Wiki for both. That is classic. Leave drawing straight lines to politicians, and poof, instant crazy. But Benjamin Franklin should have known better...
  6. For those that care, quick update. Elliott Bay took my info and will let me know, but they think they could shuffle me around and make it work until April (not the cheapest place) Sidney - Super nice on the phone, but full for both annual and temp Bremerton - Two year waiting list for that length Cap Sante - Two years as well...
  7. I was not assigned to the negotiating team, but I would think a combo of Canucks tickets, poutine, and Molson would do the trick...
  8. Thanks Zonker The marina in Sidney looks awesome, though the website says full with waitlist, but I will send a note anyway. As for the Point Roberts thing, that looks a bit tougher to get to (and who drew the line there?) Dave
  9. I will give those two a try. I had discounted the Elliott bay option given its proximity to the city, and I like the Cap Sante idea if they have space.
  10. Thanks. But once we make the jump south we will probably just go straight to Morro Bay (or Avila), we just wanted to delay the jump until after the winter, so really looking for a place in the PNW.
  11. All, Looking for advice on where to start my search for an available slip for a Taswell 49. We are under contract for the boat over at Swiftsure, and if everything checks out will be looking for a semi-permanent slip for the winter. We will be sailing the boat down to SoCal in the spring once we have the boat sorted for anything major. We live near Morro Bay, CA, and will bring the boat down here once we find space (down here is also an issue, but I have a few leads). We are not looking for liveaboard, the boat is in good condition, and will be sailed on the occasions that we can
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