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  1. I mean damn, two posts, two absolutely irrelevant comments... That has to be a record...
  2. I have a force feedback wheel so I am very happy to hear that is supported, guess I will have to come up with a diy twist grip for the rake Looking forwards to trying it
  3. a keyboard camera would be cool, just to give us an idea of what the inputs look like. looks very cool tho
  4. Any opinions on this... I wonder how they plan on launching and retrieving the thing... Seems like a pretty stupid idea to me... they claim its to avoid having a mast and rigging as well as the performance benefits of the kite being higher up(more wind), dont know how that balances out the fact that the kite is 9 square meters but whatever...
  5. Thanks for the answer The maintenance costs are my main worry, I imagine protos are a lot more expensive to keep up Sounds like a good time, what do you think would be the most that could be comfortable onboard for a daysail, 4 or 5 or less?
  6. it just looks bad... that's a lot of freeboard to try and get standing headroom inside... Its also 3 times heavier than a mini so I assume that makes the scow bow a lot less advantageous...
  7. could that not be the keel just canted over?? seems like an awfully big fuck up
  8. I'll keep that in mind when I find one
  9. YOU CANNOT CRUISE A CONTENDER Also I don't have a son... stop pushing dinghies as alternatives to a keelboat...
  10. How do minis hold their value? If one isn't raced and is maintained well over 4 or 5 years, how much depreciation could you expect?
  11. What are you on about... are you stupid or just enjoying trolling...
  12. How interchangeable are the sails model to model?
  13. never seen one in person from the inside, but from looking yt videos and such it looks like there is quite a bit of room inside...shove a lightweight mattress either at the bow or behind where an aft cabin would usually be. Not exactly luxurious, but good cheap fun... Is getting it on and off the trailer something that can be done relatively easily or is it a pain?
  14. Thank you for getting that back on track... Not sure how its possible to compare a mini to a moth but I guess Schakel has some moth cruising experience. Yea, the maintenance costs are what I'm most unsure about, series boats not being all carbon with a carbon stick is reassuring...
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