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  1. 18 and in Europe, haven't managed to get my license yet due to covid. So to be independent and be able to use to boat more than a few times every once an a while I was looking for a solution that didn't involve needing a car every time. Its ridiculous, the one sailing club in the area only has kayaks...
  2. Thanks for all your answers. Unfortunately that's not an option. There is space but the new port captain is trying to clear all the boats that have been taking up space and I got the usual "If I let you leave your boat here then I would have to let everyone" bs. Guess no sailing for me in July...
  3. Can a laser be stored for about a month in the water or will this damage it in some way? I am trying to be able to go sailing but literally the only storage solution I can find anywhere near my house that doesn't involve packing up the boat and all and putting it on the roof of the car every day is for it to be left in the water tied up to a dock.
  4. We sailed down from roses (North of Barcelona) to Majorca (In the med), all upwind in 20kn. The two non sailors onboard were not exactly thrilled with the banging when the boat came off the top of a wave. Other than that, we had a blast and if we didn't live so far from the sea we would seriously have considered getting one.
  5. I'm a bit late to the conversation but we rented a pogo 36 in the med for a week twice and had a blast (going again in august). The table acts kinda like foot chocks when heeled over. Never been on a C275 but the seats look more comfortable than the ones on the pogo 36. The end of the seat against the cabin top is vertical which doesn't lend well to it being a comfortable place to lie down. One distinct thing we all noticed was the fact that its beam makes the two aft cabins massive for a 36 foot boat. This also extends to the cockpit. It also has a lot of volume in the bow whi
  6. Do you have some polars you could share? Thanks
  7. Sailing La Vagabonde (on youtube) have announced they will be getting either a folding 50ft or a 60 ft rapido. That's some big publicity, hope that allows you to grow and keep pumping out awesome designs for when I get to a boat-buying age. Agree with the above, thanks for posting Paul.
  8. yea, I tried to see if there was one I could rent nearby but im bringing mine to the beach house for the summer in an area where there isn't much sailing around. I found a small sailing school that has a few RS fevas so maybe rent one of those for a couple hours..? I remember jumping on one in my opti days so I dont imagine that would work either, simply due to size and weight.
  9. I want to teach a friend of mine to sail this summer and I was wondering what the best way of doing that is. I have my laser (full rig) and a motorboat I can use. He is also coming with us on a week trip on a pogo 36. I was planning on quickly teaching him the basics as far as theory goes and then just going out show him quickly and have him jump on. Basically throwing him into the deep end. Especially since I can't imagine two 18 year olds on a laser so showing him on the boat isn't an option. After that on the keelboat I can go deeper into the details of sail tr
  10. cool, thanks. and as for getting used to skiff sailing? I've heard its rather different. Not looking to race (Yet).
  11. As a fit 193 cm (6 foot 4), 18yo laser sailor how quickly will I pick up trapezing? I have only ever raced optis and lasers and have helmed 420 maybe a dozen times but never crewed so I have no experience on the wire.
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