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  1. All my posts are simply factual and point out how the costs have spiralled out of control now we have the FRAND arrangements and one does not even refer to the Laser but to the construction of a competitors boat. I have been sailing Lasers for 35 years and have no connections with LPE except that I have bought many new boats from them, always at a competitive price and I have never had any problems with the equipment they have provided. My concern is that ILCA are pricing the Laser out of the market because my last boat was £4k cheaper than the alternative classes, an ILCA is now be slightly m
  2. I found this yesterday, another outlet in the UK for LPE Laser boats for club sailors, seems to be a good price at £3750 all in, apparently ex stock and they say they also have class compliant sails and spars. https://www.phoenixmarine.co.uk/news-new_boats.html
  3. Anyone heard stories about a well known alternative to the Laser sometimes being constructed from what the manufacturers have described as "recycled internal bulkheads"?
  4. Returning to my original question; if LPE are not now responsible for the high price of class legal sails who is, and, are they pocketing the huge profit margin we were previously told on the forums was being taken by LPE?
  5. Sail Prices LPE were criticised for the high price of sails but recently they were selling class compliant sails for £246 with a made in China label. Why are the ILCA sails so expensive, are the new distributors or ILCA receiving a huge mark up?
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