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  1. On 4/14/2021 at 3:30 AM, SimonN said:

    Really? Yes, I know it is genuine but this newbie is rather suspect. Consider the 4 posts he has made - promoting LPE products, throwing shade at competitors and an attempt to make LPE look good. Just a "concerned citizen"?:D 

    All my posts are simply factual and point out how the costs have spiralled out of control now we have the FRAND arrangements and one does not even refer to the Laser but to the construction of a competitors boat. I have been sailing Lasers for 35 years and have no connections with LPE except that I have bought many new boats from them, always at a competitive price and I have never had any problems with the equipment they have provided. My concern is that ILCA are pricing the Laser out of the market because my last boat was £4k cheaper than the alternative classes, an ILCA is now be slightly more than some of the other choices so why are sailors going to pay more money for 1960's technology when there are better boats available. At the Olympic trials the sailors wanted an alternative boat to the Laser and we can expect the sailors to lobby for change in 2028.

    My worry is the Laser will will die as and become another obsolete Olympic Class with minority appeal rather than a mass market fun boat for everyone to have fantastic sailing. During lockdown one I read an article by Gilles Gluck posted on the front page of the French web site, it is very very long and very descriptive but some of the basic points and comparisons are quite relevant as he demonstrates how other classes and products have come and gone. I do hope he is wrong and the Laser is not at the end of its product life cycle. Perhaps things will change to bring back mass market appeal such as Zim starting to import at a price to compete with LPE, of course if LPE survive.

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