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  1. I know that area fairly well, but not well enough to feel comfortable. I’d be very cautious in something that draws 8 feet and personally wouldn’t do it. I only do it in my powerboat which draws 3 feet, and if I haven’t done it in a while I’m completely paranoid about sandbars. I always keep a close eye on my depth and a lookout for light water. I’ve been in 5 feet of water in places marked 30 feet on the chart. Not to mention the rips can be nasty since there’s just so much water moving through. If you don’t know the area I’d definitely recommend the vineyard sound route, especially that e
  2. Anybody know if there's anywhere in the Caribbean offering foiler rentals and/or clinics this winter (something like the Whisper, F101, UFO, etc)? I've got this itch to go foiling and I'm tempted to do something irresponsible that my bank account and significant other wouldn't approve of. I'm wondering if it's at all possible to 'try it before you buy it'...
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