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  1. Hi All, I wanted update this thread for future seekers. As suggested, we removed the pulpit and took it to a local fabricator (who happens to be a sailor as well). For $800 he cut off the bent section, installed short sections of connecting tubing, and then re-welded it. Expensive but well done, I think. Here's the link to the shop if you're on eastern Long Island, NY - The Irony Some pics below, plus a bonus shot of the family mascot.
  2. Thanks everyone - this is very helpful. Looks like it has to come off one way or another. If a local shop can fix it, that'd be awesome. And Ishmael, I agree - it adds a certain devil-may-care attitude
  3. Hi all, Hannah caught her pulpit on a piling and it's bent up :/ Can this be returned safely to service? Just bend it back? Wondering if anyone has walked this path before. Thank you.
  4. Oh wow - the prodigal thread has come home! Thank you for the insights on Menemsha and the Sound. We were actually in Menemsha two years ago with Hannah (a C&C 33 Mkii). That trip inspired this Nantucket effort. We entered Menemsha basin on the ebb which enabled us to crab in sideways (the basin entrance is at a 90ยบ angle to the channel). Entering on the flood would be interesting as you'd risk getting slammed into the bulkhead or shot past the basin and up towards the pond. Anyway - thanks again.
  5. Thank you both for the thoughtful replies. I think I needed someone to talk me off the cliff. Similar situation - it's my brother who's stalking me Thanks again!
  6. Hi all, My brother and are planning a cruise from eastern Long Island to Nantucket the first week of April. I'm looking for some insight into entering Nantucket Sound via Muskeget Channel. Here's the NOAA chart We'd like to stay out in the ocean and come up through the channel but Coast Pilot says that, "strangers should never attempt it." We will be strangers to the area but who am I to listen to an informed opinion? lol Our boat is a C&C 33 drawing 7 feet of water. Should we just stick to Vineyard Sound? Thanks in advance! Here's the text from Coast Pi
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