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  1. Was the improvement worth the advanced techniques?
  2. I believe that was the case. After reviewing some V15 racing footage, comparing my Y to others’, I could see the non-mainsheet part of the Y was too long. I shortened and after one outing it didn’t foul. May have done the trick. Thanks.
  3. Anyone with experience with a V15, tip for keeping the dagger board down - mine typically rises 10 to 20 cm once up to speed. Retaining strap doesn’t seem to help stop it rise, it does keep it from lowering obviously.
  4. Wow - his two lines were of an even greater difference in diameter than mine, no to mention the splice is incredibly scraggly - yet it all moves through the block just fine. What if I get a larger block??
  5. Thanks all. The main is a tad thicker than the piece spliced onto, and they double up easily. I will post photo when I can (not near the boat for a few days). Glad to hear it can be a decent system.
  6. New to the V15. Maiden voyage yesterday and found that the Y bridle set up easily fouls through the block on the bend of the boom. Impossible to dump the main when necessary. The mainsheet is spliced into the bridle and this is where is gets stuck by doubling back on itself when letting out the main, or it loops onto the block when letting out. Is there another way to set this up without the Y bridle system??
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