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  1. Pfffttt, 2nd time in life, 1st Chad 1974. Obvious will never have this person on property again. Oh aground once more. Merde!
  2. Worse now aground again, but good excuse as was shot in hand by friend hunting and spend day A&E.
  3. TR I think decimal calculations for me incorrect, I should be back 13-14 place.
  4. Aground all morning while I was out, Merde!
  5. I do same, not closest but safe under circumstance.
  6. I did hand steer around mark 2 and worked fine for first time. As on Kindle/iPhone I use login/logout technique as no refresh button.
  7. TR needs to go to port I think.
  8. Made it around just in time, now blazing off to north at 3.5 kts.
  9. My dogs nod heads then go for nap in sun, I return to raking out tons of expensive stone on my driveway.
  10. This allows you to strike the land with more force? Excellent plan.
  11. Amusez-vous bien et bonne chance à tous!
  12. My daughters say I am a constant embarrassment, so I am accustomed to looking the fool! I do vaguely recall that film although I think is 50 years since I see, if streaming I will rewatch. In the spirit of global fraternité I will be chopping off your keel snd rudders the night prior to the race, sending a pack.of Danish drug dogs to visit your boat, and adorning your boat with " Putin is gay" and "Russia sucks" stickers which should assure you a warm Russian welcome in St. Petersburg.
  13. Cleary I am not familiar but admit imperfect English except as related to air traffic/aviation operations. I now assume I have again publicly embarrassed myself, I suspect not for final time.
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