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  1. 11.6kts in a Soling around the cans in 25kts breeze with a lovely following Atlantic swell for our first line honours in her. Was buzzing for a week after.
  2. Thanks for posting that link to the capsize report, well worth reading. Any concensus on whether "pinnies" are a useful safety addition?
  3. Thank Steve, A bit of well directed googling gets the Mini Sprint Dinghy class. Looks like a fun class, particularly for older sailors when the knees start to complain about hiking. I will be tackling this over the coming weeks. Will let you know how it goes. I will keep it simple and definitely go with a board as it will add to the drama. Thank you all for taking this in the spirit intended.
  4. Thank for the replies. We are looking at the Toppers because we have 8 hulls, only 4 of which we have enough bits to sail as Toppers. We have a Lark and a 505 in the weeds but there's only one of each and I've no idea if the 505 even floats. Not a fan of the Lark, it does its best to sink or give someone a black eye everytime it goes out. If the madcap scheme works we could get at least two Franken-Toppers in the water so invariably some racing will ensue! Great points on the mast step and sleeve for the mast. Would it be worth trying to rake the mast back a bit? I can m
  5. Our dinghy club sailing season is coming to an end (West Coast of Ireland) and I wanted to do something different for the senior kids transitioning out of Oppies. We have a great little gang of good sailors and I'm looking for something fun before they disappear into the Laser void. I was showing the kids some YouTube clips of the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes. They were blown away by the speed of the Canoes and the scaffold plank arrangements and the coordination required to sail these so we're trying to come up with something fun along those lines. We are a small club with scant resour
  6. That is some boat! I know it's heavy but it looked like it could tip along nicely.
  7. It's fascinating to read the in depth analysis of Julian B and Steamflyer on the art of fairing. Much to be learned there. Thank you both for sharing. I'm wet sailing a Soling, sacrilege I know but with our tidal range (5m) the Dinghy slip is too steep and crane lift is €80 a go so she stays on the marina. We race around beer cans Tuesdays and Thursdays in a mixed fleet from J92S to Sigma 33 and J24s. Cleaning it takes us from the back of fleet when fouled to mixing it at the front when clean. At least a KT in boat speed. This is directly correlated when chugging along with the
  8. Couple of Sineads to put out there, Sinead O'Connor's Mandinka is one of the all time great female rock vocalist performances. A little less known, a maybe known more for folk than rock is Sinead Lohan but she could rock with the best of them: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj0Yz6q3zEk&feature=share She's probably better known for her cover of Dylan's 2 Ramona, don't listen to this if music moves you. https://youtu.be/8nHwILs8bdo
  9. What way is your boat moored? I am tied up on the Southern side of an East/ west orientated marina leg in Ireland. The difference in marine growth between the south facing side and the north facing side has to be seen to be believed. Easily a knot between tack speeds when she is fouled up Speed differential not marked when she is clean.
  10. Buy a clapped out Prius. 1000w off the 12V system, 3500w off the HV system if you go all out. http://www.priups.com/misc/update-2006-1-4.htm
  11. Nice find! Now that you have jogged the memory banks I think I saw a documentary on that issue. IIRC the punching of the rivet holes left tooling scratches which acted as notches to concentrate stress. Had forgotten about that. I think something similar cropped up when they first started using Titanium in Fighter jets. Grumman had to develop a whole new way of working Titanium for the F14
  12. Comet flew a lot higher, 45,000ft as it was pressurised. It was the pressurisation/de-pressurisation cycles that triggered the accelerated fatigue stress cracks in the corners of the square windows
  13. To get the RM for an overpowered 3 person keelboat without going to canting keels
  14. Soling are cheap right now if you want to get into them. The problem is masts are down to a single manufacturer in carbon who will only build in batches. Put a trapeze on a Soling, get rid of droop hiking and you have a very attractive mixed crew with real offshore ability. It's probably too backwards looking though. I do think that one class should be representative of where the majority of the sport is in terms of keel boat racing is so that it is relatable for all the can racers. For me the pinnacle at the moment is the TP-52 so the Olympic class should be a planing asymmetric pro
  15. WTF!!!!!! Don't want to divert this thread any further but that story requires a hell of a lot more detail!!
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