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  1. I didn’t know Bruce Kirby designed the San Juan 24! I hope Rimas adds the San Juan 24/Laser connection to his sea stories when he’s holding court ar Starbucks
  2. Oh dear... She’s ‘Karening’ all over the shop in this clip. ... absolutely awful that she died; but this sort of mindset doesn’t belong in a highly dangerous situation with guns drawn. Donny? You have a lot to answer for... even your majority (some personally chosen) republican Supreme Court didn’t find a ‘stolen election’.
  3. How would she fucking know that?
  4. Dunno if we get a race this year but I hope you get the gig again and more this year!
  5. This guy settled in Killcare an hour north of Sydney Australia. He built a beautiful home overlooking Hardys Bay.
  6. Only if you cruise more sensible latitudes
  7. Funny thing is.... she has the scale of a bigger boat but 40 foot is what she is. I swore she was longer. Very liveable though they did say the shower was on deck
  8. Actually I didn’t check as I’m pretty certain she is. I tried to google that when I got home but nothing on the www. Id bet my house though.
  9. No prizes for guessing the designer if you’re on the USA west coast
  10. A few boats from another visit to the festival Converted wooden trawlers are all the fashion amongst sailors who’ve gone over to benzene tops’ls
  11. Spring in full swing down under. Wooden boat festival in Pittwater. My favourite boat by far is Lucy. Built by a couple from the ground up to a Ed Burnett design with a nod to Harrison Butler lines. She is ‘proper skookum’ and everything about her build and fit out is perfection to my senses.
  12. You just HAD to say the M word. I suppose they could be ‘useful’ ... as landfill
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