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  1. Ok my bulb is 1433lbs at 7.2" I guess Outsider was designed to race offshore? My boat definitely inshore, altough the conditions on the big European lakes can be crazy
  2. Hi there, yep your 100% right. De former German owners tested de Carrera 290 and asked Hakan to design a more radical boat based on the Carrera. The designbrief for this one off shows they wanted a superfast boat for racing the Bol d'or and simmilar races on the big lakes of Italy and Switzerland. I was able to get in touch with Hakan himself yesterday to talk about the boat. I'm looking forward to discuss with Hakan my main goal: get the boat ready for doublehanded racing. And I'm happy that you send your greetings, I'm very interested in your experience with Outsider. Since they're b
  3. Yeah I'm looking forward for the first outing, the sail area compared to my Soling scares me a lot.
  4. Thanks Doug, the design is made in the 90's so I guess before the fatheads kicked in
  5. Hi Guys, following SA for a while now and now’s the moment to join. I’m fixing up a one off Hakan Södergren 31 ft racer, been in storage in Germany for way to long. Almost a barn find. The boat is very similar to the one Solo Sailer is racing, the beautiful Azzura 310 Outsider. ( ballast will be different) I used to sail Soling and was looking for something faster and extremer. The boat specs are: 9.50 m 31ft, 3.15 m wide and draft 2.20 m total weight 1550 kg/ ballast 650 kg I’ll mostly like to race long distance doublehanded and think this boat allows me to go seriou
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