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  1. Did you know which sub he commanded and decline to answer ? Or are you now better informed ?
  2. Not really, his total lack of internet presence and your lack of response regarding what vessel he commanded justified a little online investgation. I consider that some good teamwork and a good result.
  3. And here he is in a .pdf history of the sub i found.
  4. Well i live and learn, had no idea there was a Guam Intl Film Festival.
  5. Obsession. Also the line "only thing to do with that kind of money is make a boat go faster" (or something like).
  6. Agree, have been looking all over for this guy and just nothing out there bar a few reports of his activism.
  7. So how are they planning to get the boat east for the great loop ?
  8. Hanging bottles of water on high side maybe ? (Not that they are sailing yet).
  9. Last i checked, regular British mainlanders can't live on Jersey or Guernsey. So my sympathy for these elitist closed islands is not much.
  10. Used to own this one, sold it to a guy in Wisconsin maybe 5 years back. Don't recall that being an issue, but then again we never had a survey done. Let me know if any questions. As i recall, i replaced much of deck hardware including traveler track and car. Also re-bedded stanchions, pulpit, rudder pintles/gudgeons.
  11. Presumably someone also going after the boats that fell off, if still floating ??
  12. No, that green AQS tug / supply vessel was still on the deck yesterday.
  13. Needs some fins at back. Guess i can ask.
  14. Well as it happens i got an alert about this beauty earlier. Talk about running costs being more important than purchase price. Surely a few friends "investing" and a lick of paint here and there and we good to go ??? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1943/coast-guard-cutter--ex-steel-hull-2871948/
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