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  1. Thanks PIL66, this boat goes straight to my question of how to set up the sheeting on a boat with a canting mast. Time Machine has a hydraulic traveller control. So far so good. But while that is interesting, hydraulics just makes it easier to do what can be done with block and tackles. The mainsheet is on a winch, which allows the mainsheet to be pulled on very fast when there is no load on it, but then apply huge tension when needed. It can also be easily dumped in an emergency. So the sheeting system sounds like the traveller is locked in one position and then the power
  2. Interesting thoughts My thinking was that I don't want the mast leaning to leeward which consequently means the sails are generating downward force which will drive the Leeward float deeper into the water. By keeping the mast vertical the Leeward float will be unloaded by some considerable amount. This in turn will allow more sail pressure for more performance This will help upwind I believe, and will allow greater speed upwind But downwind is where I have most concerns - pitch pole Looking at water ballast to address this issue. I'd love to fit C-foils but the costs a
  3. Thanks guys as is my way I am probably over thinking it 8-10 degrees sounds much more manageable than the 15 degrees I was thinking.
  4. Thanks all, It sounds like the simplest arrangement is to just lock the traveller and play the mainsheet. Since that is the quickest and easiest to set up, I'll have a go with that. So, while we are talking about canting rigs, How Much? I've been assuming the target is to have the mast vertical when the hull is fully pressed (maximum float submersion) But foiledagain raises a good point about rapidly increased shroud tension when the rig can't to leeward.( Which I hadn't considered) Any other concerns?
  5. Sorry, that last sentence makes little sense b) High loads on the windward traveller control line to pull mainsheet....
  6. Jethro, good point on the jib sheeting. I'm thinking that I'll drop the mast to leeward before the tack, (which will have the effect of letting the jib off) and then pulling it on again on the other side. That all sounds pretty safe. Teamvmg, Here is the idea I have been trying to develop, (note it is a concept and not fully thought through, hence the request for thoughts) 1) fix the upper mainsheet block to the boom as per usual. 2) fix lower mainsheet block to the top of a bridle 3) the lower end of each side of the bridle is fixed to separate traveller cars, free t
  7. I'm thinking of setting up a canting mast system on my F85SR. So far this is a mental exercise because I've never even seen a canting system, let alone used one. That being said, The thing I'm still struggling with is the mainsheet system. My understanding is that when you can't the mast (say) 10 degrees to windward the traveller no longer works as expected. The traveller wants to move to windward, Resulting in all sorts of odd mainsheet responses. I've thought of a number of ways to overcome this, but it's time to get advice from those who have actually used it. Have
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