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  1. We climbed Souferie 18 mths after the last eruption in 81. It was still smoking and shaking. The locals were already planting veges on the lower slopes. We met a guy on the river bed who showed us where the best track was. He had a bucket of maurijuana seedlings on his head and was heading up to the edge of the treeline to plant.
  2. I have been in a team with Jimmy (a while ago) and can say he is a bloody good bastard. Competitive sure, but respectful of others. He was younger then but I am sure he hasnt changed.
  3. The rain and some wind has hit the Auckland West Coast. Could be on.
  4. In China with a joint venture Chinese company. I wonder why he didnt use the TNZ boatyard after the cup. Maybe not a good look.
  5. I went out on Wednesday. Although we were a long way away it was quite a scene, boats anchoring on top of one another and anchors dragging. Looking around it was like a big arena. Just 2 of us we had quite the party going on with the music going and a smoke or 2. On the way home at 5 knts, both race boats came roaring past on foils at 30knts or so with all the chase boats in attendence. The day was well worth it though.
  6. I was just going to link to this. I look forward to the coming episodes. Learning by Doing is one of 2 blogs I follow.
  7. I wonder if Forourselves has watched Sunday documentry on TVNZ tonight detailing the kidnapping and imprisoment of the daughter of the chairman of Emirates Airlines. Sheikh Maktoum. A spat between LR and ETNZ pales to insignificance compared to that.
  8. Mike D had 2 nicknames in 92. Light Mike or Gus (after all the gussets that had to be put in NZL20 after launching)
  9. Back in 2000 we estimated at least 60% of the married team members were having affairs. Their families were here too.
  10. Back in the early 70s, four of us built a 50ft ferro boat part time. Starting out thinking it was going to take 18 months and cost $12000. 3 1/2 years and $25000 later it went in the water not finished. 18months later we left NZ (I had $60 my mother lent me) and returned 5 yrs later having circumnavigated. Our biggest achievement being the same 4 people were still on the boat (just). We sold the boat a month later for $80000 and have never seen or heard of it since. Ferro was all the rage back then. The plasterers that did our boat had plastered over 80 boats. While the hull was cheap, e
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