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  1. A thistle. I sail a small lake up north thee days. I've owned others, but they're not doable up here.
  2. The j24 is a great boat. 30 years ago it was a great one design. But now it's just a great casual sailboat for amateur racing. If you want to race on a budget, this is the boat to get. Not as nice as a thistle though.
  3. This is the correct answer.
  4. Meh, in the right light any woman can look hot. Even my ex. Sure the light would have to be elsewhere, and the viewer would have to be blind. Still.... My statement stands.
  5. I've only seen a perfect shape like that on a boat hull once before. Its not going to be as simple as fixing the whole hole. This is from a fish. A bad fish. It's not like going down to pond chasin' blue gills or tommy cots. They've got a big issue deal with.
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