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  1. Hello, looking for a boat for the Sydney Hobart. A bit last minute I know but I have just arrived in the country. UK RORC racing offshore experience including 2 Fastnets. Any leads would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. At least if Prada wins, Mr Ratcliffe won't have to travel far from his Monaco home to meet with the Italians I suppose. That's if he can get a visa after Brexit...
  3. That's charming. I love how you've come to that conclusion from that 10 second clip
  4. Thanks I realise that. I was asking a specifically about the comment I heard about them being close to each other hence double OCS negligible
  5. In the commentary there was some mutter about them being both OCS but because there was no clear advantage to either they cancelled out. I can't see any provision for this in the rules, can anyone else?
  6. Natural selection? I reckon if more people carry guns then they can shoot away COVID
  7. If you're getting down suckage they can offer side resistance with half of foil in. Out of tack use leeward more under the boat for lift and windward as side resistance?
  8. I think they had an articulating one
  9. Welcome to have our right wing government if you want
  10. Go and shout about politics on your Facebook/ Twitter echo chamber
  11. Got me there 'big boy' Love the banter
  12. 'Murica will probably create it's own cheap imitation version of sailing. They'll create a 'world series' and maybe they can win at that.
  13. Anyone care to enlighten me as to why they aren't racing until 4pm? Lazy buggers or sea breeze? Makes for antisocial timing in Europe and US.
  14. Is this video blurred or there is a very smooth transition to flap? I thought I read somewhere they could have flexible transitions from main foil to flap
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