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  1. Hi Bruce! You certainly delivered! Great pictures. Going over the photos must have brought back great memories for you. I am sure they will bring back memories, for all that view them, of our days of racing in the 1970's. For me, the photos give me valuable insight into the configuration of the EP 46's cockpit. When compared to MYSTERY's cockpit, these pictures of WHISTLE WING tell me that MYSTERY's aftermost wall of the cabin trunk, where the traveler is mounted, was extended rearward and positioned just forward of the edge of the cockpit locker lids. I can see the edge of
  2. Hi Paul, The major items on the refit are as follows, 1) Replace the core in the deck and paint the deck. I have already recored the foredeck and port side deck. I still have to recore the starboard side deck and the cabin top in front of the mast collar. 2) Drop the rudder and fair the stern counter from the bustle aft to the edge of the stern. I might have to remove the bustle first. 3) Install an exhaust system for the Perkins M60. 4) The boat has no wiring in it. A complete new electrical system will need to be installed. 5) A replacement keel will have to be
  3. Hi Bruce, Any and all pictures of WHISTLE WING are always welcome with thanks. Actually, all pictures of FANTASIA, TANTRUM and HOKULELE are always welcome as well! Pictures will help fill in the history of the EP 46. At this time I do not have any interior pictures of MYSTERY. Up to now I have been focused on getting her out of the barn to Bayfield and recoring the deck. MYSTERY is currently covered with her winter tarp, which in turn is covered with about three feet of snow. I will not be able to take any deck or interior pictures until after the spring thaw and I start working
  4. Hi Longy, Yes, you are absolutely right about the top of the rudder. I do not know why it was left that way. MYSTERY probably experienced rudder aeration when going to weather at hull speed. That is never a good thing on a sailboat. It almost looks like the work on the stern was never finished on and around the rudder. Was somebody in a big rush to get the boat back in the water for a race at one time and this job was never completed? I will rebuild the top of the rudder to match the newly faired counter. That should improve the flow of water off of the stern and result in improved steer
  5. Hi Bruce, Thank you for the details about the bustle on the stern of WHISTLE WING. Interesting that it was foam cladding added to the outside skin of the hull and then covered over with a new F/G outer skin. MYSTERY has a bustle as well. I have attached a picture of her side view that shows her profile and a picture of her stern that shows the bustle and almost horizontal counter. I am planning on filling in the run aft from the bustle to the edge of the transom to give her a nice fair run aft. I will be using F/G covered foam as well. Before I fair the stern run, I will drill some test h
  6. Hi Jeff F, Yes, she was well hidden in the back of the dark barn under the tarp that went almost all the way to the floor. The generous members here are providing a background and history of the EP 46 and of course the boat that I call MYSTERY. Eventually I hope to learn if the sailboat that I found in the barn is TANTRUM or HOKULELE. There is no trace of MYSTERY ever having been painted a light blue. Therefore at this point I believe that FANTASIA is either still in California or maybe she did eventually get trucked to Chicago on Lake Michigan. I stay in touch with the previous
  7. Hi Ed.M Yes, the the previous owner was planning to launch the boat a few years ago, but his health issues stopped him from going through with his plans. The previous owner is now a friend of mine. He just wishes to see his vintage sailboat back in the water again. I have asked him to come sailing with me on MYSTERY and he promises that he will. We will look you up when we sail into Wiarton together! Cheers, Ric
  8. Hi BobBill, Your suggestion with regards to the refit being centered on used parts is well received! One might say that I am planning on recycling or repurposing in whole my old barn find IOR racer as a unique Great Lakes cruising sailboat! I have purchased many used/recycled sailboat parts locally and from the internet to be installed on MYSTERY during her refit. Because I am doing the refit myself, I can take the luxury of my "free" time to source most of the parts required for this project and not have to buy them off the shelf or order them. Cheers, Ric
  9. Hi All, This photo of WHISTLE WING (ex FANTASIA) at anchor around the corner from the Las Hadas Resort, Manzanillo in Mexico, shows that she has a single spreader mast. Please see the attached photo below of WHISTLE WING. Assuming that the mast was never replaced, then when she was originally built as FANTASIA, she was rigged with the same single spreader mast. When TANTRUM and HOKULELE were built at TPI, were they originally equipped with single spreader rigs as well? Were all three EP 46's rigged identically with single spreader masts? I am asking the question above because MYSTERY
  10. Hi Elegua, Yes, I am planning on sharing MYSTERY's refit pictures with members of the forum as a thank you for their contributions to the history of the TPI built EP 46's. Currently MYSTERY is sitting on her trailer in Bayfield covered with a tarp which is in turn covered with about three feet of snow. When I start working on her in the spring, I will post before and after photos of various aspects of the refit as it progresses. I will not be posting any pics or videos about grinding fiberglass. There are many examples about grinding f/g on YouTube. LOL. In addition, I am sure ther
  11. Hi Glen, When Hasting Harcourt bought Everett Pearson's FANTASIA in 1975, he changed the name of the boat to WHISTLE WING. The attached photo's upper sailboat shows WHISTLE WING in California. Her IOR rating was 39.5. Cheers, Ric
  12. Hi BobBill, Yes, we all have a history. After your post, and considering how much the members here have already provided, I thought it was reasonable to give a little bit of my background. Yes, refitting MYSTERY will be quite a project. However, from when I first saw her in the barn, I knew she had good bones. I enjoy working on and maintaining boats just as much as sailing them. I enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. I will eventually create a summary of all the information about the EP46's that is provided here by the members. I will also provide updates of my journey with
  13. Hi BobBill, Well, since you asked, here is some of my back ground in sailboats. In my late teens I started out sailing when I bought my Sunfish. Once I learned to sail, I went on to owning and locally racing Sunfishes, Fireballs and Wayfarers. My first full time career was with NorthStar Yachts in Centralia, Ontario. I installed the engines, rudders, steering gear, mechanical and electrical systems on the S&S designed NorthStar 38's, 48's and 80/20's. I also test tanked and did warranty work on their boats. NorthStar launched a new demonstrator boat every summer so, for fun, I crewed
  14. Hi Bruce, Great pictures! Thank you for your contribution to the history of the Etchells Pearson 45. Before Christmas, all I knew was that I had found a really cool looking sailboat in a barn. I did not have the faintest idea of what she was. Now I will be able to repeat your history of WHISTLE WING to all those who walk down the dock and ask me what MYSTERY is? I will add to this thread as MYSTERY now starts adding to her history after being hidden in the barn for the past thirty years. Thank you again! Cheers, Ric
  15. Hi Steve, Thank you for your contribution to the history of these great boats. That is a fantastic picture of your dad and his buddies in the cockpit of WHISTLE WING. These pictures must have brought back some memories for you and your dad. Seeing the picture of everyone flying their chutes and bloopers brought back memories for me as well about when I was fore deck crew on some IOR boats in the early 70's. All stories and pictures from Dave and Bruce will always be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks again for contributing. Cheers, Ric
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