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  1. My setup with the astus and its boom as a gin pole.. note I put in a cleat on the boom holder to either secure the gen halyard to secure forward stay and the cleat also holds the stabilizing lines that go into the side stays to hold the mast straight during lifting
  2. Yes please share your mast raising setup Mahalo. Its nice that it has a beefy mast compared to a hobie of same size but the mast ball and mast base dont click/lock in so hand lifting and lowering the last 20deg or so there some kick back where you need a second person to literally catch the mast!! Also, havent tied in those 2nd set of shrouds on the center hull, do I even need them if I'm setting up the boat ama's out/lifting mast every time? I bought some 10in caster wheels and was going to make a front wheel helper for the beach dolly but now that you reconfirm the beach trolly is rubbi
  3. Been watching and rewatching all these vids including yours for more than a year.. Getting her use to the Hawaiian waters slowly(this place sinks modern designs), I been pointing up in big puffs when she starts to raise and ama submerges (which is painful to kill the puff) but keeping it safe for a while.. 15knots of wind we did an easy 15.7 knots speed on the garmin without the gen deployed.. Im replicating your tiller setup right now but wondering about.. positives or negative of single line shrouds(currently setup) compared to the 2 adjustable lower (cap) shrouds thats part of the buil
  4. Not a boomer but did allot of research and instead of just another Getaway on the bay I finalized down to 2 boats here in Hawaii that dont exist, Diam 24 and any of the Astus's. Which in the case of single handling in good wind and the fact it can be broken down reasonably and budget it was the 16.5 that was chosen. But man did the pandemic make me pay!! Freight was insane not to mention Brandon's personal demuraging fines at the port of LA. nearly doubled the entire cost to get it here and well its here and some day I'm gonna be a boomer with a boomin ass little bay sprayer!!
  5. I went ahead a ordered an astus 16.5 first one in Hawaii or any VPLP design all together.. Should be here in august and plan on making videos about it setup etc because hard to find solid vids and the boat is in a class of its own!!
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