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  1. 10-12 crew. trust me when I say there's going to be a big chunk of lead at the bottom of a long, skinny carbon shaft.
  2. I guess they didn't grow them for nothing
  3. hey don, does the windage from the size of your head go into your IRC or AMS handicap? surely that must add about 50 square metre to downwind sail area? ------- back to serious stuff, has the new Limit popped out of the shed yet?
  4. quick hi-jack... what GRIB service would any of you east coasters recommend for your side of the country? were infiltrating your waters in a few months
  5. ahh it all makes sense now...no wonder croweaters are so fucked up, their ancestors CHOSE to live there!!! I reckon sailing solo for 695 days would be a lot less boring than even a week in Adelaide, so I don't think you'll have to worry about the smell of cheese and sprouts at all
  6. is silver paint and red trim the only colour scheme available now days?? sweet looking ride tho
  7. x-35 and archie's are hardly GP boats... there is money being spent/invested all around Aus, but apart from Hardy's SMB, all of the top boats originate from Syd/Melb Thats my opinion, which is based on competing in top regatta's in syd/melb/hobart/adelaide and being from perth so I've had a pretty good view of what is where...
  8. Since theres quite a bit of movement in the Melbourne market, maybe someone would be interested in this.
  9. or atleast navigation marks that accurately show the extent of the entrance sandbar
  10. more rumours from this side of the country is that former ninety seven (farr 47) owner is looking at the doll to bring over west, and another west aussie to buy a 53 footer for an east coast campaign (pretty sure it wasn't georgia tho, and currently in court over contractual issues so probably on hold for now)...
  11. Flirt was sold to a WA owner who will be racing it over east coast, he currently has a S38 doing the same...
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