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  1. Seems to me the America's cup has always been a pissing contest between billionaires never felt like participation was much of a consideration.
  2. You think you know what the rich community there wants to see? Strikes me that the first thing they'd like to see is a win, something it seems us American sailors have forgotten how to do.
  3. Is it me or did it seem that all NYYC's talk about bringing the cup back to big displacement hulls off the coast of Newport not bode well for the magician's chances from the beginning? Anyone that wants to bring it back to those boats clearly doesn't understand the new boats enough to win.
  4. I was recently solicited for a donation to a couple young sailors hoping to go to the Olympics in the sport. I am conflicted. They are clearly young and eager, but I have never donated to something like this before. Is this a good idea? Does anyone else have experience with this?
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