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  1. Never Ever loose the opportunity to do a Good Job BAD!! Next, take the one who is bitching the most/loudest and inform em.. Your RC next week - usually shuts them up in a heartbeat. Next.. make sure this weeks RC leaves the bar with their tab PAID IN FULL. and if someone gets their Feelings Hurt... Just Look Left Everyone's an Expert until they have to do the JOB
  2. the direct route for when they dumped into a storm drain or the sewer went right out at Hermosa Pier. sad part. back then it was all above board and legal.
  3. There I was the other night, doing the one eyed lean watching the late night news and thought I heard this... then I went looking. It's rather a long read, but well worth the time for anyone So Cal Person. Water or Land Lubber. Check out the "Zones" https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-coast-ddt-dumping-ground/
  4. There is the eight fingers two thumbs method... a calculator... fairly recent and ez to use excel - this one cost a bit and some knowledge but once it's set up is simple to use access - same as the excel option but a little more bang for the buck. Google,,, It's your Friend... you can find many a different options there, some for free, others not some you might get what you what, others work, but you always get what they are willing to give. depending on how many boats you are scoring over how many races.. will take you down the path of no return Remember.
  5. Any Printing Shop / Office Depot can print a Large Format Document. You might know them as PDF FIles Most even have a place where you can........ UPLOAD IT!! Just pick what size you want it and by the time one drives over there it's ready to go. It's simple enough that someone over 50 should be able to do it... and if you CAN"T. You Should Not Be Far Enough From Land You Can't See It.. And No Need For A CHART Now LQQK Left
  6. with N2E Entry Fees Starting @ $325. The Cougar Run only open to boat owners and as Woody states.. SD is a barrel of laugh to visit these days. where's the fun in this event.. Little Capt & Coke in a cold shower @ midnight, wake up and head over to your local rub & tug you're far ahead in the game If you have ever done 100 mile to weather on a Cali Sled you wouldn't be dumb enough to even make that statement.. Remember to LQQk Left
  7. can you say Gunny Sack.. LQQks Grate for Shrimpin
  8. Definition of CUNT in the New English Dicksionary Can't Understand Normal Thinking... Sound bout right there Texas!! and just lQQk Left
  9. Would be a rather simple spread sheet... perhaps access database for the more advanced record keeping. that outa make your ass pucker when you ask for a rating review -Aye Jim!! boats have a rating per wind speed the tough part is when does the rating shift? as early mornings lighter breeze afternoon breeze comes up. and the older boats might have to deal with the evening glass off.. come up with a better idea... till then lQQk Left.
  10. ULBD = Usually Leaks Down Below Been that way for EVER Probably going to stay that way.. Afraid of Water? Stay on the BEACH!
  11. If I'm the Skipper of Record.. I'll pay for all fees, supply the grub and the booze. pony up for any repairs needed after I get back to the slip. I keep the Pickle Dish and any other swag that goes along with it. Outside of that... I say Look Left!
  12. Sailboat Racing in Any Class/Fleet, OD, PHRF or What Ever There are 2 Rules. 1) Sailboat Racing is a lot like SEX... If it don't feel good - Your DOING SOMETHING WRONG. 2) See Above
  13. Lets go bitch!!

  14. One thing to keep in perspective is in his later years there were many people working under Mr Mull, As he was off doing what he did, they were keeping his name alive and putting out some of the badest rides of the day. If one looks at the later designs that came from his office there is a mixture of many of the top names of today and each had their unique flair that can be scene in product. I have had the privilage to be on one of the later designs that holds his name sake and what in interesting ride it is, as mentioned above like an aircraft carrier..
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