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  1. Hey @Mozzy Sails I was just re-watching race 7 and I noticed that LRPP actually did a "Mr. Whippy" around mark 4, after ETNZ did theirs on mark 2. Would be interesting to see a side-by-side to see who executed theirs better.
  2. WHat little wind there is, just shifted about 90 degrees. Clouds filling in over land though.
  3. Both getting another tow up now. We’ll be lucky to get a start off today.
  4. Both boats up and foiling now. LR got towed up twice and couldn’t stay up but both staying up for a couple manoeuvres now.
  5. 24 hours until the starting gun. The anticipation is killing me.
  6. So ETNZ was out on the race course before and after the races on the Prada finals... Justin was on the water and kindly recorded continuous portions of these sessions. Theoretically, if we compare their lap times to the lap times of the actual races, we should have a pretty good gauge on their speed differential, right? The first recording I could find was from after race 6 of the finals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEhLhXnpY8M&t=870s ETNZ After race 22 #2 jib LRPP
  7. There was crossing at 6:30 and 11:50, but looks like they're practicing a tacking duel, with lots of fairly short legs. Preparing for what we saw LRPP doing in the last two races perhaps? in light air, as well. Nice spotting, bortolo.
  8. Here is another comparison that shows the same result... again, a slightly off axis, but only by, what... 2 degrees? edit: image credit to @Zeusproject for this one.
  9. Long time listener, first time caller... Didn't feel like I had anything to contribute until now, but found this kinda interesting: Using the images of TNZ foils from @Ex-yachtie I flipped the image of the starboard foil, matched the scale of the photos using the cradle gantry, and aligned the foil tips. So it looks like: port foil arm is a decent bit shorter, creating less drag port foil is either significantly thicker or at a different angle of attack from the old starboard foil. I personally suspect the latter. The POV of the photos is different, but not di
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