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  1. Thanks Liquid.......a couple more pics of the mostly original build below deck. Also a pretty cool find when I pulled the mast to replace the carbon steel "T-Beam" mast step with G-10, I found the original 1972 Eisenhower/Apollo silver dollar that I'm thinking the builder John Schumaker threw in there for luck.
  2. Long time lurker and finally a participant in this awesome forum........my current project is bringing this Yankee 38 named Bullet (hull no. 1, sailed in the 1972 1-ton World Championships in Sydney Australia) back to sail-worthy condition. with the help of lots of useful info on this site i have so-far replaced the mast step, chain plates and repaired some soft bulkheads. I think this one's definitely worth saving! Pic of the boat leaving the factory in 1972, and a current photo at purchase. Please close one-eye when viewing the massively large dodger (PO installed this to accommodate his
  3. image.thumb.jpeg.3d13c1734ac82de52200960e59367030.jpegShu, Hi!  I'm the new/current owner of Yankee 38 "Bullet".  I bought it about a year ago and have been working on restoring it, including replacing the original mast step and some minor bulkhead rot repairs.  The boat has been well taken care of for the most part with upgrades along the way.  I'm interested in any info you have on the boat's history, especially when it was competitive on the race course.  I found some info on the 1-ton World's and a bit of info on racing in the Providence RI area, but am eager to know more if you can help.

    The boat has been a "cruiser" for the last few decades according to the limited information I have on it.  It was fit with one of the early Monitor wind vanes (the boat is still pictured in their catalog) in the early 80's and I believe cruised around the Atlantic as far south as Brazil, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico before being sailed to Puget Sound where it is now located. 

    I have attached a current pic so you can see what she currently looks like, but you may have to close one eye when you see the dodger that the PO installed..........super big/ugly "Canadian" dodger that will need to go soon!

    hope to hear from you soon...........thanks!

    Pete Boileau (Eastwind)

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