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  1. Carbonated wine, wtf? None of them are what I would classify as traditional wine, they're weird concoctions dreamt up by some bozo in marketing.
  2. I've never seen canned wine, that would be weird.
  3. My RS300, I'm very familiar with the bottom of it.
  4. Got my on water tickets for Plymouth.
  5. Interesting interview with Chris at Ovington re the ILCA https://fb.watch/5hio-lQyEQ/
  6. The 2022 regs, delayed from 2021 due to Covid, fingers crossed will provide closer racing and more overtakes.
  7. https://www.royalgazette.com/sailing/sport/article/20210430/be-inspired-sailgp-determined-to-leave-lasting-legacy-for-bermudas-youth/ Along with each of the eight teams gifting various packages, including kit, to Bermuda’s sailing clubs, the most notable item left behind was the donation of a high-performance Waszp foiling training boat. Nice
  8. And for what you get, it has to be the best value for money singlehander new with very strong residuals. Looking at the prices of other boats I'm not sure how the likes of Winder do it for the price. Cracking boat.
  9. He's funny in the Sail GP thread, had a couple of goes to get a rise but no one is interested. Reminds me of young children misbehaving to get your attention, best ignored.
  10. The KPH stuff is stupid, they need to sort out some more overhead shots and the crap graphics which were a lot better in the AC. However all told it wasn't a bad attempt at spicing up a sailing event for TV, I even had the Mrs and kids glued and cheering at the TV for the final race.
  11. Another vote for @Mozzy Sails to give us some more content. As a purist I was convinced this format was going to be shite however I was wrong, excellent viewing and cannot wait for Italy.
  12. Good to know Yachting New Zealand do recommend competitors have insurance. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/resources/template-standard-notice-race 23 INSURANCE 23.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of <amount> per incident or the equivalent. Certificate of insurance is to be [submitted with entry][presented at registration]. Insert the amount. $1,000,000 for dinghy events and $5,000,000 for keelboat events. This clause is recommended standard practice by Yachting New Zealand and World Sailing f
  13. If they are racing without insurance they're being irresponsible and showing a lack of respect to their fellow competitors.
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