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  1. There is nothing in the rules to stop it. Yes the foils have to be symmetrical about the centre but nothing stopping you from having different control on each side. It wasn't my idea Nathan Outteridge said it back at the Christmas Cup
  2. With LR having such a high mode I suspect they are different tab angles for the inner and outer section of the foil. This means they can produce a lot of leeway force quickly to have the high mode while maintaining a more consistent lift force. It will be interesting to see if ETNZ can do the same thing with their foils as it looks like they have one foil tab angle for the whole foil.
  3. Hi @erdb, How are you getting the data? Do you have it in a csv file? Would be great to compare with my VPP. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hi Max, Thanks that is great! I want to stick to using an unmodified NACA series foil for the foils so that I can hopefully find some experimental data for comparison. For the AC50 I stuck with using a NACA0012. A symmetrical foil is not as efficient as a foil with camber but meant I could compare with experimental data. for the AC75 I am looking at using an asymmetrical NACA foil ideally something where I can compare to a papers experimental data.
  5. HI @Mozzy Sails, @MaxHugen, @dorox and @Basiliscus Love the videos from @Mozzy Sails and the analysis from everyone else. I'm in Australia and am doing a masters in naval engineering. I've made a 6DoF VPP for the AC50 catamarans and AC75 monohulls using XFLR5 and MATLAB. @dorox how are you getting the raw data out of Virtual Eye? For AC35 I was able to get this data in a csv file. I've opened up developer tools in google chrome but can seem to find the link or file for the sources data. @MaxHugen your drawing of the foils and line drawings from Chevalier have been great for
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