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  1. You are right. It will happen some times. Thats why, having the interior well-protected, and working on systems and techniques, will help us to keep the gear in better shape and increase safety. Failing to plan = planing to fail. A messy owner/crew will destroy a boat faster than one that takes care, IMO.
  2. Yeah, thats the plan. In medium-strong wind use the furling A3. In light-medim air its easier to keep the kite dry. With reduced crew we may try a snuffer for the A2...
  3. OK I get it. This boat is planned to have a furling staysail for heavy wind.
  4. Deckchute system is discarded as in this kind of boats, it is a very slow system, even slower than ussing a snuffer, and it takes out a big space on deck. Plus, if you need to use another kite you have a lot of extra work... Anyone has tried this system? It looks cool on superyachts with super fast electric winches though.
  5. One windy night we would be flying the furling A3, so simply furl and drop on deck, then pack it. Shit can always happen, but it must be the exception.
  6. Hi all and thanks for your answers. Some clarifications on the racing plan and sail inventory: We plan to be competitive in offshore/coastal racing. Its not a competitive boat for inshore racing. Keeping the interior dry is also a priority when offshore. When sailing shorthanded, dropping on deck is not safe. Spinnaker must end up down below so the owner has to understand this. Maybe in some ideal conditions and with large crew, we can drop outside, but boat must be prepared to drop inside if needed: -Interior should be protected using plastic, protect tapes interior (seems
  7. I am starting to sail a brand new Solaris 44 and the owner has forbidden to drop the kite inside the boat. He wants to keep it free from salt and water. I can understand!! Its and aweseome new boat with stunning luxury interior. But he is also quite competitive so I would like to find a solution to perform fast drops without damaging the interior. Dropping the kite on deck and packing it outside is not a competitive solution. Foredeck hatch is not an option as it doesnt open fully and is quite forward, so we must foccus on companionway drop. I have a couple of inspirational
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