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  1. @strider470 I don't see it as such a bad idea. If the CSS and AC are separated by a full 6 months period (or more), this allows the winner of the CSS to move to auckland straight after the CSS final and spend 5 full months where they can train in the Hauraki gulf. The logistical issue would be solved by having the Defender to organize the construction of a base for the challenger, regardless of who this might be, and hand it over to the winner of the CSS at a pre-agreed price. Ideally all challengers would bring their input on how the official challenger base should be built. This way the
  2. Qui veramente ce la si gioca sul piano psicologico di chi gestisce meglio la pressione e chi fa meno errori (frase fattissima ma e' vero). Mi e' parso di vedere i ragazzi di Luna Rossa comunque sul pezzo e a loro agio dopo il 3 a 3. Burling mi e' parso sollevato per avere evitato di andar sotto di due ma consapevole del fatto che gli errori di Luna Rossa probabilmente non andranno a ripetersi. Secondo me qui chi e' sotto pressione di piu' e' proprio Burling, ed e' lui che deve tirare fuori il coniglio dal cilindro se vuole tenersi la coppa. Detto questo godiamoci sta coppa, co
  3. Non sono d'accordo. Si, i kiwi migliorano man mano che prendono confidenza con la regata, ma non e' che Luna Rossa sta li ed e' arrivata al massimo. Ad ogni regata i ragazzi imparano e probabilmente se si va per le lunghe gli equipaggi diventeranno pari. In ogni caso basta vincere la partenza e non fare errori grossolani. Luna Rossa e' li da mesi ormai e ha fatto tanta pratica nei campi B, C, D. Sanno dove c'e' piu' pressione in certe condizioni di vento. questo annulla un po' il presunto vantaggio di ETNZ. Comunque vada questa e' una finale epica, e vince chi e' piu' forte mental
  4. The boundaries are "to be eliminated" when your boat loses and "the best thing ever for close racing" when your boat wins. I don't think they really are the issue here. If you as a team are capable of covering your opponent on the racetrack props to you. Some ideas for improving the race: - Increase the pre start entry time to 5 minutes - Increase the size of the penalty boxes to encourage luffs and other nice maneuvers. - Change the way penalties are executed: get rid of the drop back 50m rule, but, as Mozzy mentioned, 1 second of negative VMG for minor infringements such as bo
  5. Caprerini di Sailing Anarchy rivelatevi
  6. 1 a 1 con vento forte.. non so voi ma se riusciamo a tenere loro testa in queste condizioni con il vento leggero possiamo sognare.
  7. @Mozzy Sails Awesome interview. From what he said at minute 37 it seems like they are using a CVT gearbox in their grinding setup. Would not be surprised as they always mention how proud INEOS is of their power management and also given the involvement of the Formula 1 team.
  8. Just did some youtube spotting: Here's a snapshot from NZSP video published a week ago, showing the aft deck. (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGG-UqK_r0g&ab_channel=NZSP) In the video published by glpinella a couple hours ago it is finally easy to see how the aft deck has been raised to meet the sides: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfrPAJbLD5Y&ab_channel=glpinella) Biggest telltale is the persico logo being shifted backwards.
  9. Ah giusto! usavano gli AC45 per fare allenamento prima che l'AC65 venisse ultimato
  10. Penso sia un AC65 per la 35ma coppa america, prima che LR si sia ritirata.
  11. I don't think anyone in LRPP or ETNZ is thinking of changing the rules. They both have a significant advantage in terms of simulator which they can keep for the next cycle (as they would always be one development step ahead). Plus stability in the rules may bring more challengers so it is better from a commercial standpoint which is really the key. My hope is for a repeat of LV cup 2007 with a truckload of challengers, be it in Auckland, Italy or somewhere else in the globe should GD shop the venue
  12. Luna Rossa because: 1. After 20 years of trying, now it's the closest we have ever been to win the auld mug. 2. This is without doubt the best team and boar LR has ever put on the water 3. I want LR to win to shut the mouths of all those who have been looking down on LR and us Italians, and as a payback against all the unsolicited disrespect LRPP has received over the course of this cup by press/ACE/some fans. 4. I want to hear Checco scream Forza Palermo once more, so loud i can hear him from the Netherlands. 5. Because all odds are against Luna Rossa, who is the Davi
  13. HOLY SHIT e' una di quelle cose che non penseresti mai fino a quando qualcuno actually thinks about it e sei li che dici: "porca puttana sta idea e' cosi' semplice perche' non ci ho pensato prima".
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