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  1. Just reporting the outcome. A thread that no one gives a fuck about. The end of the Beau Geste story........
  2. It appears that the civil suit between Brady v Misfits went in favour of Brady. I guess World Sailing wasted a years investigation at great cost to the sport. Better to be lucky than good, looking forward to seeing the Beau Geste program sailing again..........
  3. Only ever had one. At least I used a word meaning exactly the same thing or did you not figure that out?
  4. Gee Jac is your daughter a civil litigation expert after one year at Uni? I guess WS got it all wrong after a year long investigation and making the ridiculous statement of saying he would have been charged if the protest was submitted in time. Clearly he is innocent and it is all a vendetta by WS. I am sure that the submission's filed on the 23rd of December, 2020 are all fabrications as well........
  5. I guess you know the judge or a Brady employee. World Sailing was pretty clear. Where is the MOD these days?
  6. I ran into "The Truth" last night in AKL during the AC aftermath of the AC. Tells me he was flicked but as he said "flicked for telling the truth, couldn't give a fuck". The result of the civil case against Gavin is imminent but only for $1.3 mill so shouldn't be too much of a problem for Karl. Sad way to see Karl end such a long successful Beau Geste campaign as a cheat........
  7. Dried them off yesterday. Bro just to make you happy he was white, middle class family in a average priced AKL house (4th most expensive city in the world). like I said I know more than you do simply because family members work there.
  8. Nah heart attack when the guy saw the truck coming........
  9. Princess I am sure life on Waiheke is beautiful. i suggest you spend some time at night in Sth Auckland in Otara, Papatoetoe, Manukau, Otahuhu, Papakura, Wiri, Manurewa and see what really happens in Sth Akl before you call me a racist. Sure they are not all PI or Maori but get off your fucking high horse and spend a night there. Family of mine work there as police officers so let's just say my information is a bit more factual and realistic. Have a great Covid free evening (why don't you stop the ferrries and then you are guaranteed to be safe and save a natural treasure of NZ, Brad Butterwor
  10. Well it is 26 in NZ, all with pre-conditions. As for the lorry and the bike, heart attack when he saw the wheel about to take his head off?
  11. That the guy who caused the AKL lockdown? Really don't you watch the news in NZ? Fuck do we have "fake news" in NZ now?
  12. You down voted me for suggesting Cindy wear Prada? She would look fabulous and hey guess what they use NZ merino wool. But hey lets not get carried away with fact....
  13. Welly that figures. Enlighten me with your prediction for the AC then. BTW you don't have too post the same thing twice.........why does everyone in Welly get angry with facts? Oh that's right they all work for Cindy
  14. You are right, been trying really hard to Covid without any success. Are you a Sth AKLer by any chance or some self styled Remuera houswife trying to save the poor people?
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