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  1. Q, have been following your ordeal closely; I feel your frustration and admire your patience. My F27 arrived at the dealer this past month and the commissioning process is just starting. I have used your experience to try and preempt similar issues. Will report if I run into problems but hopefully your saga and faithful reporting had it's impact on Beneteau/Seascape's QA process.
  2. Also looking for some help. Nota, sent you a message in case your wife is looking to take on a small job! J
  3. They did this with the 27; You can put the cabon SE rig on the standard F27. Hopefully if the SE version of the 36 materializes, they will maintain some interchangeability. Add one more to the like column. Solid specs so far and seems to be at the lower range of the price spectrum for its class.
  4. J11J

    Seascape 27

    Stop being so reasonable... I'm looking for enablers!
  5. J11J

    Seascape 27

    The real appeal of the carbon rig is the extra horsepower. The SE rig has almost 25% more sail area. The standard F27 is already heavier and Ill be sailing in a light air venue. It's a major expense though, especially for someone who doesn't plan to aggressively campaign the boat. In addition, I'm sure there's going to be additional growing pains, beyond what F27 owners are experiencing with delivery of these early production line boats. Tough call...
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    Seascape 27

    Following your odyssey closely, Qingdaosog and feeling your frustration... In other news, it seems Beneteau is offering the SE rig in the standard F27 hull. Almost seems too good, albeit expensive. Not sure what that means for standard sails, main sheet set up, sprit etc. Thoughts on this set up?
  7. Congrats! Agreed, I like the cockpit layout with the benches and storage and also appreciate the main sheeting arraignment. I do plan on racing PHRF next season, so will probably slowly build out an improved sail inventory. Might regret the prop, weight, lower SA:D then, but all boats are a compromise to some extent. Hair to compare notes in the future. I'm taking delivery early August.
  8. I really wrestled with it. Tried hard for the SE rig on the cruiser hull but Beneteau won't entertain it. I like the inboard engine since I'll be using the boat primarily for day sailing and camper cruising and sail in a venue with lots of current and light air, so I'll be relying on aux power. Having that outboard ringing in everyone's head is painful. There was also the cost, 12k difference. Also like the coach roof windows. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford an upgrade the carbon rig, bigger sprit, etc...
  9. Thoughts on the new "cruiser" iteration of the first 27? Not quite the rocket ship that her Seascape/first SE predecessors are but for a camper cruiser, looks to hit the mark. I'm biased since I just put a down payment on one... Hoping to share that stoke.
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