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  1. The big sails are just to big I think bigger foils would be more help once they foil the racing in the light winds is still very good but pulling the lift of speed down to 20 or 25Km/Hr would keep them flying. The big sails were just to big to work any slight lift in wind speed and remember shear was uncontrollable
  2. we will get vaccinated and we will get covid if we wait to long which has basically happened covid will not be impacted by the vaccine. covid is a moving infection as it turns out we are about a year behind the world so welcome to the Pacification of NZ. Good news is we will be the big fish in the little pond poor old Fiji number two.
  3. key point they basically forgot to order the Vaccine the hard orders were placed in Feb /March. The GDP of NZ $350B there is a flush of $50B tipped in the economy and it didn't shrink wow.
  4. they were still at the Auckland port on the 27th of may
  5. Kiwis did well, says a lot about the boat configuration at Bermuda they were consistently 2 or 3 knts slower not so this time all the same boats but with any "identical" class boats you make them go faster with modes rig tension etc. That Swiss helm was very good and hopefully could be part of a AC team in the future lets hope. But for a penalty in the second they were good. More wind would have been better. As with Auckland AC just a little to light. But so what. Hopefully 10 boats next season and I think the final would be better with the best four. Just an opinion.
  6. maybe the first sign of the change in the INEOS team. I have always thought that Ben is sensational at sailing but being everything leads to mediocrity. A strong INEOS would be great and Sail gp is a great place to learn. For ETNZ keeping the boys busy and engaged is also a great help but they also need a bit of skill mixing people break arms in races there needs to be coverage.
  7. Not at all, both classes are a lot of fun and should leverage the other. The GP is a place to see how things could be different. Very few thought the course used in the AC was big enough and many regretted the course being exclusively up and down. A reach and maybe engineering in a lower wind speed limit but with a code 0 get out of jail option to get foiling again. The point being that it can change with the same boats and have wind limit of 6 to 30Knts
  8. agree the pit stop would be hard but a Code 0 could work auto deploy somehow but the AC could have a reach start and there could through the elimination be longer or fleet events all about the spectacle and generalized carnage.
  9. Totally agree and a reach mark also for a bit of speed work. Actually I would like a mandatory sail change also.
  10. body slicers for gods sake.
  11. the tv has a button and its the great sensor. don't like it don't watch. For me the jury is still out but the fact I am here indicates at least some interest and I will watch again. The technology is sensational at the very least, the intrigue is building. I enjoyed the hell out of the AC and suspect that if the AC had been all around the world as was the plan maybe there is insufficient room for both but lets see.
  12. Agree about the Kiwis a lot of work to do, and they will probably be a part of the show. That's great for the class and another skill builder for all. Regarding one design, or identical boats well we know that the out of water setup on most one design boats is very important but until you sail them you don't specifically know what is important and where to set them so the learning curve is longer than a day or even a month. All these boats will go faster a lot faster as the season moves along. What about a pick of the maximum speed. because the show is set in Km/hr. a good milestone
  13. Can't do much about spray, wave and hull but the foils wetted area is dominant and the ETNZ outcome was driven by less the question was could they sail it all the way through a race, remarkable that ETNZ survived the light winds but also sad that the maximum speed was never revealed. The discussion around the dock was that they had achieved 57knts I suppose they want to keep something in the box for the next event.
  14. The point is BA will be slower in 3 years and PB will be faster. In 12 years both will be slower than the young guns, organize the succession early or the team will die. The original name was BAR an ego driven name destined to die.
  15. BA is good but as with all the AC helms he is getting old for the job so in 3 or 4 years he will not be better but worse. New talent can be developed in a 4 year cycle with BA's help but will he?? The fact that there is no real contender within the team is a bad sign.
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