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  1. I’m really disappointed; I thought this group was more adventurous. Not the type that would let a little CaCa stand between them and a good time. Earlier today I was doing some other stuff on the boat and as I was leaving, I noticed my trusty Home Depot Bucket Head Vac sitting there just looking for something to do… So, I fired it up and shoved the hose into the deck fitting (perfect fit by the way). Before I know it, the vac had sucked out a gallon of … Anti-Freeze. One of the easiest boat things I’ve ever done - No Shit! If I get to do it again, I think I
  2. George and Joe - are they well made/worth the money? They’re $100 here in the US. Any information is appreciated.
  3. I never thought about replacing it. That’s a much better idea - if I can get it out.
  4. Will do. It will be especially entertaining if the shop vac explodes. Perhaps I should introduce compressed air into the equation.
  5. I discovered that the holding tank in my new to me boat is not empty. I’d like to avoid going into town to empty it, so I’m wondering if this can be done with a shop vac. Do I safely assume I’d need to make a dip tube small enough to reach the bottom of the tank? Will one of those Home Depot Bucket Head shop vacs have enough lift to suck out the contents? (I’d hate to use my food shop vac) Other Ideas?
  6. What surprises do you guys think I'm in for when I go to remove it. Bronze into aluminum - what could possibly go wrong?!?
  7. It is a seacock, but it looks more like a radiator petcock (to me). The crossbar to open and close is very difficult to get a grip on. I’d rather have a 1/4 turn valve if I can find the right size. This one isn’t mine, but it looks the same.
  8. I’m still troubleshooting the priming problem on my 2YM15. While chasing stuff, I noticed that the seacock doesn’t close (corroded and doesn’t turn). I’m wondering if there’s maybe corrosion inside that’s impeding water flow. Before I screw with it and break it, I’d like to have a replacement in hand and I’d like for that to be a real valve instead of petcock looking thing that’s on there now. Does anyone know what the thread size into the sail drive is? I’m guessing it’s not NPT.
  9. Um,,, yeah, I don’t see me going up there to remove it. Ironically, the rigger is willing to come and get the backstay, it’s just that he’s pretty non-commital about how long before he puts it back.
  10. The challenge is that the rigger is busy and gets pulled away. Once he takes my backstay away, I’m out of business and if he gets pulled away for something else, I can’t be certain when he’ll get back to me.
  11. Yeah, getting the first third of that pin through the eye is going to be a bitch. I’ve been searching for a bushing, but I’m having a hell of a time finding the combination of 7/16 OD and 3/8 ID. I’ve reached out to a couple of machine shops to see if they can fab a flange bushing which I think would be ideal. If any of you guys know a source for SS flange bushings, I’d love to know ‘cause I’m coming up dry so far.
  12. I'm guessing that drilling the eyed from 3/8 to 7/16 ain't OK, right?
  13. Does there exist a toggle where the eye side accepts a 7/16” pin and a jaw that accepts a 3/8” pin?
  14. Guys, I screwed up the measurements. The hole in the eye is 3/8. The hole in the backstay adjuster is 7/16.
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