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  1. I'm glad you mentioned the fully battened main. Does that seem to make for the need fewer lazyjack attachment points on the boom? I hadn't imagined that I'd get away with a single cascade, but do you think I can with a fully battened main?
  2. I'm trying to design a lazy jack plan. I'd probably use a pre-made set, but I'd like to use dyneema and low friction rings and I don't think pre-made sets are available that way. I had originally started out with cascading blocks and was trying to figure out the location of the anchor point on the mast. After drawing a half dozen concepts, I started wondering if I really need cascading blocks or if just two jacks on the boom will do. I'd like to have a design that captures the sail well when short handed, but it might also be nice to minimize the places the battens could get caught up on
  3. Dan, I'm wondering what you ended up doing.
  4. I've been trying for months to find an upholsterer that will come out to my boat. Maybe this guy had the same problem and took the boat to the upholsterer!
  5. So, does an owner still have to go through the Maryland Registration process before applying for documentation? Then you get the stickers and the numbers, you just don’t need to put the numbers on the boat?
  6. ShaggyBaxter, Your StackPack cover looks nice. Who makes it?
  7. I just bought a boat out-of state and I'd like to Document it. Can anyone recommend a boat documentation service company near Annapolis? I've found a few through Google, but if someone here can share the name of one they used and liked, that would carry a lot of weight in my selection.
  8. Thanks everybody. I wouldn’t have thought of the multi-tool, but it might be perfect with the thin scraper blade.
  9. I’m in the process of replacing stanchion bases. I’ve taken one of them up; it’s clearly bonded with plenty of 4200 and it didn’t give up easily. In fact, I thought it was 5200 at first. The bases are big - 4+ inches square, so there’s lots of surface area holding the bases to the deck. Any tricks of the trade to get these off?
  10. Any chance of finding mounting brackets for a Tack Tick wind instrument? If anyone knows a place, I’d sure appreciate any lead.
  11. I was surprised when a search didn't reveal discussions about dyneema for lifelines. What I've read indicates some advantages like you can use larger diameter without substantial weight increase, easier on the hands, maybe more comfortable on the back. It does seem that even though it's extremely low stretch, it's PROBABLY still stretchier than SS. Opinions, please?
  12. I'm planning to replace my stanchion bases and I want to take the opportunity to clean the area under and around them before the new bases go on. I'm looking for ideas to temporarily fill the bolt holes so that water doesn't get in the hole while washing. I'm picturing some kind of plug, but I'd like to have ideas from others. Any ideas are appreciated.
  13. Thanks all of you. Slow and downward force seems to be the combination. You can “feel” it cutting. I wouldn’t call it easy, but at least I got through.
  14. My initial thought was to start small, but I figured if the bit broke in the SS, I'd be really screwed. The ultimate hole size is 3/16
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