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  1. Thanks Derek! Will do. Figuring out the logistics first. Based on what Martin 'hoff said, I think I can keep my mast assembled and just take it down for transport. Should be less rigging time than the laser.
  2. Thanks for all the input above! By regulation, you can't have a raised sail as you pass under the bridge. I get that raising the sail while afloat would be a PITA. Moving on to plan B, I have another location close to home where I can dolly the boat to a rocky beach. It will just require taking the mast down between the storage and launching site to get under some trees. Is it feasible to lift off the top section and leave the lower pieces in place? Top and middle? Thnx
  3. Hello, I just placed an order for a UFO for delivery in late June. I'll be leaning heavily on the expertise here as I have never foiled. I am a laser sailor looking for a new thrill. Here are a few questions to start. Thanks in advance for your support. 1. I am on the North Shore of Boston, any of you in my neighborhood? 2. I am figuring out my best options for storing and launching. I have access to a dock but it is on the inside of a railroad bridge about 50 yards away. This would be a great place to store it because I could leave it fully rigged. The bridge mast
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