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  1. Hi again guys, finally solved :) when it's done it looks so easy.

    My Nexus Multi classic display is connected together with Nexus Wind display (that's probably a most frequent setup). The Log, depth and wind connected to NX2 server. The boat speed through the water was not shown because of the coding C72 on the Wind display was set to ON=means that log transducer is connected to Wind instrument directly. When C73=OFF (means that LOG is connected to the server) all works perfect! Most probably we changed that setting when try to calibrate the wind vane angle.. Who did that and forgot to tell !?:) 

    Lots of time was spent to play with settings of Multi instrument as it's one of 4 main functions is speed. Look only logical to deal with it. To come to an Idea that an issue can be of Wind instrument, I had to disconnect everything and then noticed that speed is shown when Wind instrument is disconnected. 

    By the way, speed through water is also shown when boat is docked, just give enough revers and steer it straight.

    It's strange a bit, that even Garmin didn't advise to check that setting.. 

    Thanks for help and ideas.

  2. 12 minutes ago, freewheelin said:

    When you spun the wheel out of the water, did you check the readout as well to see if anything registered? Remember, there is a delay, so you need to keep spinning it while someone else looks at your readout.

    The reason I ask, is that we had the same issue with our Nexus. It would transmit speed to the display when spinning it out of the water, but when we put it back in, we could not get any water speed. It turned out that when we painted the bottom we had the plug in, and the gap between the plug created a lip of bottom paint that caught the wheel and kept it from spinning. We almost bought a new unit out of frustration before checking this. A little scraping of the bottom paint with a screw driver fixed it.

    hi, but my log when installed still gives signals to the server when it rotates, faster the engine faster the blinking rate. Was it the same with yours?

  3. 1 hour ago, George Dewey said:

    If you have C13 set to OFF, then this is what configures the server. 

    Also, try setting C95 to 0 (zero).

    The server also has a NMEA0183 port and if you have the skills to connect to that, you can configure it to send STW data out that via an MNEA0183 sentence. See section 12.7.1 of the manual.

    I have some friends who might have more insight to this, I'll see if I can get them to offer an opinion. But if C13 is OFF and you just get 0 for boat speed, you may be out of luck.

    I will check 12.7.1 off course. In my setup there is also a miniplex3 shipmodule, can it be used instead GND10? By the way NX2 server does not communicate to windows PC, as Nexus race software needs FDX server, but NX2 does not have FDX. Maybe there an alternative software? An older version? Where to get such?


  4. 4 minutes ago, George Dewey said:

    STW means “speed through water” and SOG means “speed over ground.” 

    STW comes from the log transducer (the paddle wheel) while SOG comes from your GPS.

    Then this is the same C13 parameter, when off = stw. This was clear from a very beginning.

  5. 8 minutes ago, AnotherSailor said:

    You really have to read the manual to figure this out.

    Often there is a difference between "no speed readings," for example does it say "0.0", "--" or is it blank). This can often help indicate the issue, but you really do need the manual to figure this out. As others said a factory reset might solve the issue, but again, you need to look at the manual for instructions that need to be followed.

    Someone here even posted a link to the manual, so go read it.

     hi, readings are 0.00 knt, not "---".  I wouldn't look for help if I could solve the issue with reading the manuals.

  6. Hi guys, the paddlewheel was not that dirty, few small seashells that stil let the paddlewheel to rotate perfect, anyway all was cleaned thoroughly and put back. Before putting back of course checked if rotations give signal to server- it transmits signals, depending on rotation speed. Server blinks in log area. Also blinks when moving through warer. But nothing changed. Undocked, disconnected all other wires from NX server, only multi and wind  instruments left, still no speed through water data shown. Sad..

    Is there way to connect transducer directly to instrument, without server? 

    Some pcs attached.

    No issues with wind data that are transmitted through the server though.

    I think there should be a way to restore all. As mentioned before, maybe a reset, maybe something different.




  7. so, I did some test again, the boat  is at its berth, tiller position in the centre, turned on revers slowly - then led on server starts blinking slow, more speed gives more blinking. Also tried to reconnect the log transducer from/to NX2 server; did check cables nmea in and out;  however no boat speed through water on Nexus instrument. As mentioned before a plotter is also connected to the system, so when C13 on multi instrument is on, the SOG is displayed. However if C13 is off, no boat speed.

    Tried to take off log transducers and clean it, but it sits very tight, decided not touch until until out from water. But as said it gives signals to server..

    Maybe there is a certain specific way how to check if NX2 server gives output data from transducer to instrument, maybe factory reset ( how to do this?), maybe also factory reset of Nexus Multi control?

    Any help very appreciated..

  8. George,

    thanks for entering my posts about issue with the boat speed through water. I will check one again which leds are blinking for speed and also if the rate changes  at different speeds.

    bu the way - this is probably a Garmin tranducer GST 43. the boat is fresh purchased I am not absolute sure about it yet.   I will try to take it out and clean. The boat is on water, but it looks like the quick exchange to a spare plug is foreseen.  I have red on some forums that this operation is not difficult if all is well prepared. What do you think?


  9. hi all,

    I have silvaNexus multi control instrument and nexus NX2 server and speed transducer. Also depth transducer and nexus wind instrument and GPS ploter all connected. Also Miniplex-3 shipmodule somehow is connected. All is ok, except the boat speed. Speed transducer seems to work as NX2 server gets blinking leds,  multi instrument shows depth, other data, but some time ago it stopped showing boat speed through water. The boat is fresh purshased maybe that problem persists for a longer time already but all was functioning well when suddenly the boat speed gone. Once it had returned for few days, but not anynmore. I was trying to check the contacts but without success. I could of course share some deailed photos of installation if needed.

    What else I could try? somehow to reset all system? how to to get boat speed data shown again?


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