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  1. Ah, that is even better. Thanks for the correction. IIRC this came up regarding CiC because these super high tech fabrics are only built in one or two factories so it was blatantly unfair to allow only the "home team" to use them just because they happened to be in same country but had nothing to do with the root design or manufacturing. So a compromise was reached that the bulk sail fabric could be sourced from anywhere but the final stitching had to be done at home.
  2. The CiC requirement has already been vastly watered-down, rightfully. 170 years ago you could build an entire boat in almost any port. These days with global manufacturing and insane technology and materials its probably impossible to build a boat in one country. These boats all have OD FCS built in Italy and 3/4 had sails manufactured in NZ (though, stitched at home). All boats have computer chips made in China and Korea and Japan, ball-bearing made Switzerland, etc... I worked for a while in DoD government contracting and we have very strict "Made in America" laws. The in
  3. With the knowledge they have and the data from all the other boats, I dont think it would be too difficult to build a boat in a few months. All the big issues are already solved. Look at that HUGE panel ETNZ built for AM. That took like 4 days.
  4. Nice one! Most people think it's the Arrrrrrr... but you're all wrong. A pirate's favorite letter is definitely the Sea.
  5. Too many alpha males on a few of these teams want to be on charge both on the boat and off the boat. Its silly. Find a job you do well and do THAT job well (I'm looking at you, BA and TH). Use Max Serena as a good example of stepping up by stepping back.
  6. Well, that's news to me. I didn't know "hate-bang" has a rape or violent connotation. I thought it just meant to have great sex with someone you dislike. Kinda like this, from one of the best episodes from Curb:
  7. Wtf are you talking about? That wasn't mysogisnistic at all. I dislike her not because she's a woman... I dislike her because is a raving liberal communist. In fact, I just said that I find her an attractive woman that I would like to have sexual relations with. Put on your big boy pants (and probably a pair of diapers) and stop looking for injustice where none exists. Then, the world will be a better place.
  8. Okay, am I the only one that wants to hate-bang Jacinda?
  9. What?!? We're not allowed to accuse people of being pedos?... Sounds like something a pedo would say.
  10. But TH wouldn't have it any other way. This is his greatest fantasy come to life! Listen to the interviews. He *only* refers to these billionaires by their first name, even in formal settings. He loves every minute of it. He loves it more than winning the Cup. TH is all about whatever is best for TH. That is the #1 reason AM lost. Nobody wants to take a back seat (a la Max). Nobody will step back and do what's best for the team. Fuck that. I'd rather go hobknob with billionaires and keep myself on the centerstage.
  11. I'm sure you fine folks have heard this a million times, but here goes anyway: What's a pirate's favorite letter?
  12. Omg that would be glorious. That would be like a triple or quadruple backstab!
  13. I mean... yeah? Why not? You can create a new design rule and call it the AC3000. Its just a name.
  14. Nah. The naming nomenclature isn't standard. For example, the AC72 is significant longer than the AC75. AC72: 86ft LOA, 72ft LWL. AC75: 75ft LOA, 62 LWL. The name is just whatever you want to call it. Kinda. Also, the next AC75 will still have a bowsprit for media equipment but it won't be functional for carrying a foresail.
  15. If you're building AC72s... they're outdated regardless.
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