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  1. Doesn't look like Lynch's ORC-PHRF regression plot was attached. Here it is.
  2. Finally, attached is a chart of boat ratings vs. overall results in 7 years of Ballard Cup races (pre-covid), 31 races in total. There are typically 50-70 boats participating. This is not a great series to use for a rating comparison, but it is consistent with the conditions PNW racers race in. These races are around government marks (not square to the wind), are in an area that has significant tidal (two points, a fresh to saltwater lock) and geographic (bluffs to north and south) influence, so is somewhat technical. The races are sent out in typically 7 starts over a span of 35 minut
  3. For reference, this is a histogram of boats and ratings in PHRF-NW.
  4. Some rating talk, if anyone is interested. Attached is a correlation of PHRF-NW ratings and ORC ratings for boats that held both certs. This is a copy-paste from David Lynch's article in 48 degrees North (July 2018). David put a lot of work into this and it is worth reading. A few nits I would pick: I count 6 boats with negative ratings and a total of about 4 boats with ratings over 100 (eyeballing the chart). No boats with ratings over 150 are included in the analysis. This is a fairly sparse dataset, 34 boats in total, compared to the size of the fleet which comes it at around 600
  5. The data from current PHRF certs will be used to generate the ORC test certs, this was ORC's request. There are differences in how PHRF and IMS measure, so there's that.
  6. Uhg. I guess that's one way to turn ORC into PHRF. You do have to choose a wind speed range, and on the sound that can be complicated. Last Saturday being one exception. The Jim Depue Race the weekend before might have been tricky, the slower boats were very much stuck in the convergence after rounding the windward mark. Otherwise, I don't find the ORC scoring program to be any more convoluted than Sailwave, particularly if you've had to setup Sailwave from scratch. I found that being able to import valid certificates from ORC's database is pretty convenient... I just paused here to
  7. Thanks Alex. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Aside from a chance for sailors to be able to look at the "what-if?" of their ratings and results, I think this will be a good opportunity to give clubs/organizers feedback on the ORC system without having to actually commit any races or resources.
  8. This is an opportunity for Puget Sound sailors to test drive ORC. ORC will be providing free ORC test certificates for those boats willing to join in on dual scoring Puget Sound events in 2021. The initial focus will likely be Ballard Cup because of the fantastic participation of a wide variety of boats. And I want to underscore what I just wrote: it will be ideal to have participation from a wide variety of boats. I can be talked into scoring additional events if interest warrants. I will not make a sales pitch for ORC. If you're interested, try it. The deadline for opting in is 3/
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