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  1. That right there is the funniest thing I have read today!
  2. OK, that is NOT the rig that came with that boat! The CE is way too far forward and when was the last time you saw a boat with E > 50% of the LOA?
  3. I wouldn't call it luck. It is called planning. the race starts well ahead of the gun! winning is SO much more then just running the course. the winner is the one who plans the most, optimizes what they can, and come race day, makes the lest amount of mistakes.
  4. 15.5 knots on my Peterson 37 Valour surfing off a wave near block island with the chute up for the first time in a race. not sure if we knew enough to be scared yet
  5. I have a crewsaver and like how light and comfortable it is for me. only problem is that if you are trying to fit a personal AIS transponder under the zipper it is a VERY tight fit. can be done but would be much easier with the wider Mustangs
  6. I did this to the jib sheets, no need for keeping track of the shackles. Integrated Dyneema Soft Shackle | Sailing Wisdom - YouTube
  7. just read this, should set you strait: 1/2/BOTH Battery Switch Considerations - Marine How To
  8. They do work with a bolt rope, but like what @MiddayGun said they work best with a high track entry. We have an older Doyle stack pack that allows the family to to sail with me without the drama of dropping a main sail and trying to flake it on the boom while the wind had other ideas. still requires someone at the mast to pull the sail down and out of the track. The stack pack and lazy jacks makes it so that the person at the mast just has to pull down large flakes on either side of the boom while playing the halyard with their foot. would be better with cars or slides but still very doable
  9. not sure you will be able to reef with hanks. I have had something like this on a small boat with hanks and as soon as the wind grabs the sail the luff can spin on the hanks and it will unfurl. so all the way in or all the way out. not so much in between
  10. at least the shipping is free!
  11. get one of these the "smart" fill spout allows you to add diesel without spilling a drop! never go to the fuel dock.
  12. Rosies has not been rosies for almost 2 decades. I think it is a Five Guys now. Norm's is still around though.
  13. made in the Baglietto yard... rarer then rare
  14. @Sail4beerhere is a 3-D model someone put together of the Alden US one design. not really useful, but kind of cool! Classic racing sloop alden model - TurboSquid 1341162
  15. know it better then I should for never seeing it other then in pictures and email from over 1000 miles away! built in the Quincy Adams yacht yard in 1946 for one Otto E. Stossel (news guy John Stossel's father) originally named Silver and then renamed Flame.
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