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  1. And at least a few in/near Wrightsville Beach.
  2. We're now up to episode 7 of this sucker, so when you're road tripping to your next regatta and need a good binge listen, you got it here.
  3. Pretty good explanation of the auto puller system here. I've used both - my boat has auto and I've sailed a boat with the twings - and way prefer auto. I find it less complicated rigging and even I can't f it up. There is literally nothing for either sailor to do. It just works.
  4. Thanks. When I thought of doing this and looked into it, it was surprising how few classes do it. There's a Laser one that the Chinese Radial badass does, and... crickets
  5. Nice! This is how small the world is... the guy who owned that boat/rudder was Tom Lucky. His son Spencer and I sailed against each other in college. They lived right by YCYC (awesome cool house, built into the side of a rock). That boat was 6292, winner of the '79 Worlds with Steve Taylor and Dave Penfield, both Yale guys. That rudder won the worlds. My brother and his friend Charlie bought that boat from Tom, and then I inherited it as basically a bare hull. It was a Parker hull with a Lindsay deck, so by the time I got it, it was pretty soft. We won a couple of light and medium races but wo
  6. It's funny what a small world it is. Although I just got some feedback from a good friend who tells me maybe it's a bit hard for some people to keep track of who all these people are. Going to have to figure out how to artfully help people follow along with who the heck we're talking about sometimes. The luxury of approaching from the perspective of "by 505 sailors, for 505 sailors" is great, but we don't want to mystify half the 505 sailors and most of everyone else. Thanks for watching/listening.
  7. Yeah, my eye roll doesn't translate well in the audio.
  8. Thanks, may get to that in time. The convention that's started is when it's an interview (not all of them will be), the current guest picks the next guest. I hope that gives it an organic flow that doesn't overweight any particular aspect of the class.
  9. Episode 2, featuring Ethan Bixby, is up on Podcasts here and YouTube here. Enjoy.
  10. It's been about 20 years since I last posted here so please excuse a bit of shameless "my class" promotion. The first episode of the NA 505 Class's podcast "The 505cast" is up on YouTube here. Production's a bit rough but it should be enjoyable for a lot of you. Episode 2 will go live toward the end of the month, following roughly a monthly schedule. Enjoy. Thanks
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