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  1. Whew! A thread with 36 posts, and many conflicting opinions, about what should be a rather simple racing situation. Remember that when racing things can happen fast and the involved skippers must have near instant decision making. This stuff shouldn't be that hard.
  2. I use a small bullet shaped zinc. Sure looks like much less drag than adding a 3rd blade. But I will admit to not having performed the measurement.
  3. My 2 blade Max prop was purchased in 2007 from PYI for $1460 delivered. The installation instructions say "Make sure that the propeller is protected from galvanic corrosion by using the usual zinc anodes on the shaft." That is what I did. Zincs are about $8 from Defender. What happened to these other guys?
  4. I know, I have a 2 blade Max prop on my boat. I also keep a small zinc clamped to the prop shaft near the prop. Don't know what the zinc costs but I don't think it's much. Works a treat.
  5. That's a good list Zonker. Not to nit pick (but I will anyway). Sound insulation and blower stuff is likely not needed. Also, the engine gauges are nice-to-haves but my last three boats (all Yanmars) got along fine with idiot lights and warning buzzer on standard panel provided with engine. A 2-blade Max-prop should be less expensive than the 3 blade prop you used, and work just fine especially for a racer not a cruiser: also less drag. 25-30 gallon fuel tank seems at least twice as large as needed for this boat and intended use. A 1GM10 just sips fuel...
  6. Port boat must yield to starboard boat. Even if starboard boat is sailing the wrong course and/or rounding the mark in the wrong direction. Overlap and "proper course" will not apply. The boat sailing the wrong way around the course will be screwed with a DNF in the end.
  7. No. One on the Bay up here did fairly well with a 100% jib setup and raising the board off the wind. Yep. Same benefits as in a dinghy when off the wind: Less keel drag and better helm balance(which results in less rudder drag).
  8. Yes. The Precision 18 is very light at 1100 pounds and easily trailerable with only 18" draft centerboard up. A car will tow it, don't need a truck. West Wight Potter 19 looks to do better in heavy sea and wind and only weighs about 1200 pounds. Two good candidates for regular auto trailer towing and ultra easy/simple deck mounted mast stepping. Prec-18:
  9. OK Floater, I take your point and will eat crow on this one. I was out of line. We now have heard from a Mac 65 owner confirming the forestay stress issue. My apologies to all. And yes, wives can do some strong things for the oddest reasons --- so that is also totally believable as well.
  10. West Wight Potter 19 at 1225 pounds might work.
  11. Well, I love my good ol' 7.9, but for really shallow water . . I would prolly go with a KICK-UP center board, as well as a kick-up rudder, as opposed to the 7.9 dagger board design. I use my 7.9 to single-hand cruise the Great Lakes. It is a very capable "mini performance cruiser". Cons: - lack of standing headroom below deck - lack of convenient storage such as shelves and drawers (but you can add this stuff if you want) - icebox is useless unless you insulate it - all balsa-cored hull and deck, but not an issue if owner(s) have paid
  12. It might help if you also described your intended use. Overnighter? 1-2 week coastal cruiser? 2 berths for sleeping? Able to handle x? ft waves and y? mph wind. What maximum/minimum displacement? Beach-able? What maximum draft for "easy trailer launching"? Porta potty, ice chest, single burner (jet boil), and electric out board are simple to add to any boat. As is shore power. Did you also want a sink with hand pump fresh water?
  13. S2 7.9 checks all of your boxes except it is 26' and the mast is heavy (thick aluminum extrusion). I have seen someone mount an electric winch on the tongue of the trailer to ease the raising of the mast. It has a private head (curtain for a door) and 5 gallon fresh water tank that feeds the sink in the mini-galley. The built-in ice box in the galley is best used for dry food storage because the insulation is terrible. Lots of good used examples on the market. It might be more boat than you want.
  14. I'll spell it out for you. The context of the thread was pros and cons of the Mac 65. 1/2 of his post was about the catamaran. The other 1/2 of his post was about a failed forestay on a 65. Now if a lot of Mac 65s suffered forestay failure then the post fit the topic, but that is not the case. He even subsequently admitted this. He might as well have said he knew of a Mac 65 that had radio trouble. And the wife left the owner because of that.
  15. The Caitlyn Jenner types will enjoy winning this trophy.
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