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  1. Because I think non-scow boats are cool too. I don't refer to them as catamaran fanbois that think catamarans are God's gift to sailing, or other bs like that. I grew up sailing the family LIghtning. I still think Lightnings are one of the coolest dinghies. So many great choices in the dinghy world.
  2. "I don't love scows above all..." Implying that anyone who sails a scow does. Nonsense. I like scows and other non-scows equally well. Same can be said for many/most scow sailors. "...don't have a lot of interest in learning to lean exactly the right amount..." Probably the only defendable statement you made about scows that I quoted. I take that one back. Though I will comment that the required heel when sailing to windward has quite a bit of 'inexactness'. Yes, you need to heel the boat to reduce wetted hull in the water and take best advantage of the angled-out leeboards. But there i
  3. No but you sure shit all over the scows: "scow fanboys"? "God's gift to sailing(sarcasm)"? "It seems to me that scows are for guys who love scows more than sailing"? "I don't love scows above all and don't have a lot of interest in learning to lean exactly the right amount, and having stuff on the boat that doesn't work unless everything else is set just right"? "a boat that was not so much of a PITA as most scows"? I'm going to push back on sheet like that every time dude.
  4. Yeah, scows are very crappy dinghies. I especially hate how tippy they are at the dock. It's like stepping onto a canoe. They are slow as molasses on the water, especially in light flukey air like we get here in the midwest. The worst part is the mandatory use of the trapeze for both skipper and crew. Scows: Yechh!!!
  5. Leech on the main looks buggered.
  6. Figure out where you are going to race. What kinds of boats do most other people there race? Then pick one of those. Racing is no fun when you've no one to race against. Used boats should be more plentiful. It will be much easier to sell your boat should you ever want to do that.
  7. Cheeki Rafiki. No survivors:
  8. All sound reasoning. My wife and I campaigned first an MC and then a C many years ago. The C will be a lot of boat to single-hand in winds much over 10-15 mph. The MC you can single-hand without issue. I was 175 lbs (6'), my wife 100 lbs (5') and we were competitive in the MC in any wind and the C up to about 15 mph. Winds above about 15 mph required a 3rd crew in the C to hold it down. The C is a lot of boat. I loved sailing/racing both the MC and the C.
  9. https://marskeel.com/keel-bolt-replacement/
  10. @clownsailor Too bad we lost Johnson as a builder. Builder competition is a good thing for boat buyers...
  11. If so then Johnson boats must have been just as bad. In the 1970s I campaigned an early fiberglass Melges C in a fleet of about 15 fiberglass C-scows, most all were a lot newer than mine and about half were Johnson. I usually beat them all. I could only afford one sail at the time. Most others had a rather large (and newer) sail inventory for varying wind conditions.
  12. True. Back in the 70s Melges built about 10 "strongback" C-scows that generated a lot of debate. These boats had a full length aluminum alloy tubular backbone glassed right into the centerline floor of the hull. It was essentially a 3-pole truss system with alloy connectors welded in every 2 feet or so. The C class eventually made this construction "not class legal" but grandfathered the already built boats.
  13. You are right. But he clarified the criterion with the time travel concept. (It was easy to miss)
  14. Any idea how many years an E hull stays competitive? I campaigned a glass C against boats that were 10-15 years newer and my boat was still very competitive. Assume the E spinnaker launcher retrofit has been made. I once crewed on an ancient wood E in western Michigan (Muskegan I think). The sails were borrowed and not the greatest but we had an old guy that was a former Lightning world champion on the tiller. We did surprisingly well.
  15. Here's some video that shows how I used to gybe my C-scow in heavy air. Start the video at 2min 13sec. Note the reverse heel to keep the long boom out of the water. One of the crew is assigned to take care of the running backstays. The skipper puts the tiller between his legs to steer and slowly moves the bow to dead downwind. At the same time he grabs all of the mainsheet at once (not letting it run through the blocks) and pulls the sail to the centerline of the boat. This is safe because when the main is on center it is not filled (not powered). He then lets the sail out on the new gybe. If
  16. I will, IF I see anything else worth responding to. So far I have not, except for your post. I've already made the points I wanted. The chickens have run for cover.
  17. But the topics all originated in this thread. Go complain "PA" to them.
  18. Problem is the political statements I responded to all originated in this thread. The hypocrites are people like you who only chastise those whose politics they disagree. There are plenty of political posts by leftists in this thread but nary one complaint about or to them.
  19. Typical left/democrat/progressive tactic. See you are losing the argument so you try to shut down the discussion (try to send it to an unread area and request an ignore).
  20. Interesting that you call TheDragon a troll and ask that we add him to our ignore lists.
  21. Sorry, but the political bs all originated in this thread.
  22. So they are too ignorant to be able to select news sources and must listen to "smart" people like you. Got it. Btw, you do not know what other news sources people that watch Fox also use.
  23. Regardless of your opinion, no other cable news channel comes close in viewership. 51.3% Biden, 46.8% Trump. 4.5 percentage points difference in people's votes. My original point remains: If someone wants to disparage those that voted for Trump and/or watch Fox News then one is disparaging a *lot* of people. Is that really what you want to do?
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