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  1. You can get about 1/3 of it out from the top pretty easily. Just do that a few times if you don't have the ability to drain it properly. Complete drain and fill is best, but done is better than perfect.
  2. I own one. It's a very nice tool. The dust collection also works well if you use mesh. only down side is 220 volt. If you have basic electrical skills it's easy to overcome.
  3. Put a strainer on the suction side. The check balls on the small pumps get fouled easily.
  4. I just changed the oil on mine for the first time. I think it was the easiest oil change I've ever done.
  5. Are the toe rail fasteners in cored material? They are usually in the flange.
  6. Awlgrip stars and stripes blue. I have used Alexseal also and they are not the same although very similar.
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