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  1. Every time I see a big Optimist Fleet I just cringe.All sitting there rigged up with there little orange World Sailing Tax buttons on all the sails.Start taxing or fining the kids when they are young and starting up in the sport so the few that stay involved in the sport through the senior classes are indoctrinated with the World Sailing Top heavy culture.The only up side of Covid for the sailing community is that it has stopped the World Sailing Travel Junkets and slowed down the Gravy Train.Yes Yachting needs a governing body not just this one in its current guise with its sense of self enti
  2. There have been continual articles here in Australia that the polls and surveys in Japan state that 80% of Japanese residents don’t want the games toproceed.Low vaccination rates etc.You need to take the masses with you.This doesn’t appear to be the case here.
  3. Am I the only one who still has a signed copy of Jack Thompson when he appeared as the Nude Centrefold in Cleo? As Ita used to say in the ad ‘ It’s in the Thealed Thection.’ How much did you finish up getting on EBay for yours LB?
  4. Rotnest Express


    KB was a Australian beer mainly seen on the East Coast.When you were coming of age it was a tradition that your father gave you a 6 pack or a few Long Necks and made you drink them.This was normally enough to put you off drinking for life it was that bad.There were some KB sponsored 18 foot skiffs.I think I read that our former WA State Premier Richard Court bought an ex KB Skiff from the east and he was the first to put wings or outriggers on them.This is now the norm.
  5. Stop Making Sense Snags!
  6. In a former life I was indirectly involved in the broadcasting and production of Yachting in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.Doing my research I became intrigued (wife says obsessed) by the the previous characters that had pioneered Olympic Yachting rather than the class of boats.It was pitched to us that the 49er was great saviour that was meant to take exciting visual high speed sailing to the masses via TV and Live via the natural stadium Sydney Harbour was meant to provide to the shore bound public.This was well intentioned but totally derailed by officials from the IYRU who demanded a perfec
  7. Hey LB you certainly are an ideas man.I think you could certainly take the whole Yachting and broader Communities with you on this.Unfortunately being a middle aged white Caucasian male my personal Olympic dream is now shattered but happy to sacrifice that for the greater good.
  8. It always has been.The first ever Woman’s only Sailing Medal event was only introduced in 1988 so playing catch up from there.Major inroads and progress have been made since then.Sailing Olympic Medals and events are now heavily in favour of Woman’s sailors as a percentage of overall gender participation.Not saying that is a bad thing.Longterm female retention rates are quite obviously influenced by external factors such as motherhood,decision to be a stay at home mom and career directions. Lets not forget the great Paul Elvstrom and his daughter successfully campaigning their Tornado in
  9. I have always been attracted and intrigued by the historic personalities of the Olympic Yachting rather than the classes themselves.The charismatic skippers of the past such as Gold Medalist Bill Northam or the first Australian of the Year Jock Sturrock make for me fascinating reading with their lives inside and outside of the Olympic arena.The cost of campaigning Keelboats have never been cheap and then normally required the leader or skipper of the team to be a well heeled businessman,patron or entrepreneur.Government money,grant or meaningful support from relevant western governments are
  10. Clearly a lot more room in the newer Etchells!
  11. Sorry Livia.I should have realised.I am still of the opinion that at around AUD10K these boats provide a welcome and value plus entry level for those who aspire to Beer Can type racing while they learn the ropes and then upgrade to a class legal boat and enjoy One Design racing.If you were well heeled you may wish to donate your Mould 11 boat to the local Sea Scouts when you become a bit more proficient in the sport.All the blocks and lines etc would keep the Sea Scouts fleet of 50 year old GP14’s and Mirrors operational and on the water for years to come.Who said there was no upside in this s
  12. The Etchells are a great boat.Well done.Did you happen to pick up one of the new Mould 11 boats for under AUD10K?They wouldn’t be bad buying at that.Couldn’t build one at home for any less.
  13. Interesting.You say a PFD or Lifejacket can be stored on your phone!I have been out of the racing side of the sport for a while but what a development.Think I might head into Boating Camping Fishing when they open in a few hours and buy one.Thanks for the heads up.
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