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  1. Got a new BBQ delivered this week for our annual Boxing Day Hobart get-together.Just got sent this link so going to christen it for an early Twilight BBQ late this arvo and watch the Start of the Qualifier.Great initiative from the Cruising Yacht Club.
  2. I was genuinely hoping I was wrong and gave them the benefit of the doubt that is universally raised here.Given what appears to the irrefutable published facts and events published in this matter it appears my hope was unfortunately misguided.The upside is that it appears the quality people who freely donate their time and experience to our sport far outweigh the knobs.I did a Google Search on GRS and the most popular result came back as Gender Reassignment Surgery.Herein may lay the problem.
  3. With a few decades away from our sport (family,time constraints,school sports etc etc)I now find myself once again enjoying my sailing and have once again rejoined an affiliated club that has gone well over any requirements to make me feel welcome.This is in no small part to the passion,enthusiasm and culture all the Volunteers and Flag Officers display to all members.This is reciprocated with ample mutual respect.I have read the report or rejoinder of Mr Jones and it is most disheartening and erodes confidence and respect in the National Body.While I initially enjoyed the barbs and light hear
  4. I initially misread the sail signage.Thought it said CQR.
  5. Three on the tree or four on the floor!
  6. Hey LB,with you obviously being a leading International Offshore Yachtsman I was wondering if you could kindly repost those exploits in the Kenwood Cup of fellow World Class Offshore legend Lord Dublin when he singlehandedly led both Kialoa and Condor to joint victory in the ‘Around the State Race’.I am sure this could only provide motivation and incentives to a new generation of budding Offshore exponents heeding advice from the best.
  7. Livia,Thank you for the clarification of differentiating the ‘Chairman of the Protest Committee’ as opposed to the ‘Chair Man’.It is hard to keep abreast of who’s who from the other side of our great country.
  8. I think the general consensus is that after being made aware of the issue/problem One Sails have displayed no good will whatsoever.It may be a rogue operator but if things were going well in the relationship they would be reaping the benefits in royalties and commissions.I don’t know the operator of the local operator of One Sails here but he enjoys an impeccable reputation so I believe Head Office needs to forge a solution even if they don’t have a legal obligation they certainly have a ethical one.
  9. When a Parent or figurehead company issues a franchise to a group or individual they inevitably take some degree of responsibility for there actions.The parent group should have a contingency fund out of the royalties or commissions to address and cover situations such as this.If I get a bad Burger at Maccas and the franchise I got it at doesn’t address the issue it is the Maccas name that is trashed in my mind not the particular franchise.As previously stated here One Sails definitely needs to step up to the plate a fix the issue at no further coast to the clients who have only acted in good
  10. Don’t feed the troll.It is one of those Brown Ring Octopuses that are highly toxic and poisonous
  11. Starting to sense a common denominator or is he a dominatrix?
  12. Geez Pulpit.Careful.People can be and are very sensitive and precious here.If you are a well meaning,highly respected and long serving volunteer you could find yourself with a World Sailing Regulation 32 to answer to before you could even say RYCT.
  13. Could someone with more than my limited knowledge please explain if we accept that the Overall Handicap Results based on the ‘shorter ‘or alternative course how can the traditional or historic Race Record that was broken be attributed to the original or longer course.I could understand if Comanche was awarded a new course record for the new or shorter course if we accept it was the handicap winner based on the shorter or new course.Have I missed something?
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