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  1. Thank you Steele - I’ll dig out photos of my 109 and take a look
  2. Thank you that’s really helpful. I’ve attached a photo of the bow of the boat and there are no attachment points for a S/S roller mechanism. Could you please tell me what you mean by ‘chalks’ as it is not a term I’ve gone across ... except in the classroom David
  3. I guess it’s my background of years of short handed offshore racing and solo cruising in fast(ish) boats that’s determined my choice. Plus I think that they look nice.
  4. Hi - just wondering if anyone can help with details of the bow roller fitted to J/105 please? David
  5. Hi folks - first post here. Previously owned J/92s and J/109. I’m considering buying a J/105 for cruising in Scotland and plan to keep it on a single point mooring to a buoy laid in our sea loch. Can you good folk please advise me on the roller bow fitting I’ll need for mooring and anchoring? Jibs are hanked on to a rod forestay. Thanks, David
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