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  1. Since the guy listed it as free, I've already told him I'll take it, but do you guys have any idea what this is? https://tuscarawas.craigslist.org/zip/d/new-philadelphia-15-foot-sailboat/7346527854.html
  2. I'm watching some youtube videos of people sailing these. I think I ought to give it a pass. I don't think my wife and I are athletic enough to jump in a boat that fast paced/busy after a 20 year break from sailing. It doesn't look like there'd be a great way to depower it and get the tempo down while we burn off the cobwebs. It was just tempting because it's pretty and it's listed for less than a Sunfish goes for around here.
  3. I'm close enough to consider this boat. What do you mean about the black hull (the bit right at the bottom of the bow?) and the trailer?
  4. Any idea what this boat shaped object actually is? https://youngstown.craigslist.org/boa/d/hubbard-perfect-sail-boat-need-to-get/7335528456.html For the price, I'm tempted to just make the drive and find out if it floats.
  5. Yeah I saw both of those. The Comet especially is really attractive but it's too much money to buy out of pocket and it's not close enough to what I want in the long run to be worth taking out a loan for. The plan is to get something cheap to screw around with for now while I wait for a good deal to come up (and while I save) on something I want to live with long-term.
  6. OK, 20 years after sailing FJs in college and Highlanders with the girlfriend's family, I'm trying to get back into sailing and I found this locally: https://columbus.craigslist.org/boa/d/columbus-sailboat/7296990157.html For just something to kick around in in the puddles around here, is that a reasonable price or is the person way too proud of their boat?
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