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  1. The Zeus3s 16" has a USB port but my 12" does not. Can I adapt one of the other ports on the 12" to be a USB port? Chris
  2. Andy has been able to get Next Leg data at the helm displays by choosing the correct source.
  3. galactair. Thanks and we do have Hercules. I will see if I can set it up as you suggest later today. LionessRacing. Fair enough and we will mirror to a tablet as well. I still prefer the WhatIf? data to be presented at the helm display and I have two of those. Someone else can read it other than the helm. Going below to read the Plotter is also an option but undesirable in short tight races. This is a yacht with all asymmetric sails (our crew has been sailing boats with symmetric kites for decades) and the need to choose sails accurately prior to the next leg is critical.
  4. The new Zeus3s 12 is installed at the nav table and plugs into the backbone of the B&G H5000. I have got the WhatIf? screen to work and can tell the AWA and AWS on the next leg of the race course. But I need this info at the helm where the Graphic Display is mounted at the binnacle. How do I do this?
  5. ...and we won the race!
  6. When the data card was inserted into the Zeus the Import function became available and I was able to upload the waypoints. Thanks for guidance.
  7. TJSoCal and soundsail I have modified my waypoints with ExpertGPS and created a usr and a gpx file that is saved to the microSD. The program offered the usr file type for B&G and I will try gpx in case it works. I hope to follow your directions about loading onto Zeus3s after close of play late today as boat is 75 minutes from here.
  8. A bigger question is: How can I import a raft of coords, 50, into the Zeus3? I would appreciate a detailed method. Maybe load the coords into a spreadsheet and import the file from a microCard? The manual does not mention importing waypoints. I need this for the 1st race of the season this Saturday where the course is called from the start boat!
  9. Thanks soundsail. The Coord system does not include the Yearbook sytem. The S and E are in front of the numbers. I will have to modify the coords myself.
  10. I seek to import waypoints from the club yearbook but they are a different format to the format I see in my Zeus3s manual. Can I change the format in the Zeus? The club format is S 34°49.966'S 138°26.082'E
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